Project to Convert Wind to Hydrogen for use in Fuel Cell Vehicles Proposed for Urumqi China
Project to Convert Wind to Hydrogen for use in Fuel Cell Vehicles Proposed for Urumqi China
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, August 30, 2018

Urumqi's wind and power generation has reached record numbers over the past year, unfortunately due to the lack of grid infrastructure much of this energy goes untapped. Plans are now underway to tap this energy to produce hydrogen.

At the recent 2018 Science and Technology Exchange and the Huwu Science and Technology Achievements Matchmaking Meeting the Xinjiang Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center was unveiled. At the same time Shanghai Haohua New Energy System Co., Ltd. agreed to cooperate and plan with Xinjiang University to promote a batch of hydrogen production/refueling stations that will go into service in Urumqi. These stations will provide clean energy for fuel cell buses and logistics vehicles.

The project is to have a hydrogen fueling stations and fuel cell bus demonstration project launched in Urumqi by the end of 2018. Yanhua New Energy will be responsible for the hydrogen production facility and Shanghai automakers will provide a number of fuel cell buses.

The extreme cold temperature of Urumqi which is below -30C, gives the advantage to fuel cell vehilces rather than pure electric vehicles whose litihum ion battery performance is greatly affected below -20C. Presently, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that can work in temperatures of -30C have been adapted and launched in China, thus meeting the operation requirement of  Urumqi.

According to statistics, there are nearly 5,000 buses in Urumqi. If all of these buses were to be to fuel cell buses and use hydrogen energy produced by local wind and solar, there would be a savings of 110 million cubic meters of natural gas per year. 

Hydrogen can also be blended with natural gas to increase energy and significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, which has a significant effect on reducing haze.