Proton Power Announces Launch of Next Generation Fuel Cells Stacks and Systems
Proton Power Announces Launch of Next Generation Fuel Cells Stacks and Systems
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, March 15, 2018
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Based on the strength of results demonstrated in our earlier generation fuel cells stacks and systems, Proton is proud to announce the launch of its fourth-generation new high efficiency stacks and fuel cell systems. The new lighter weight and higher integration single stack modular designs covers power ranges from 2 up to 16 kW in 2 kW steps in the lower power class (PM200) and from 15 to 75 kW in 7.5 kW steps in the upper power class (PM400).

Both power classes are available for stationary, logistic, automotive, rail and maritime applications.

Also offered are multi stack systems for power demands beyond 100 kW for larger trucks, trains, ships and larger stationary applications.

The Proton customer applications team provides design and engineering to cater for the necessary design assistance to clients as well as extended service to operators.

Helmut Gierse, Chairman of Proton, commented: "I am delighted to announce this new product range which builds on and improves our third generation fuel cells delivering lighter, more efficient and highly integrated single stack modular fuel cells; the new range of products will include 37 kW and 67 kW fuel cell systems (excluding auxiliaries to provide 30 and 60kW) addressing the Chinese market. This unique solution puts Proton in the position to supply complete fuel cell systems matching our customer demands for all environmentally friendly applications.