Quantron AG Makes an Extraordinary Hydrogen Statement in National and International Media

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Fuel Cells Works, Quantron AG Makes an Extraordinary Hydrogen Statement in National and International Media

Worldwide – especially on European terrain and in the American media landscape as well as in the Asian region QUANTRON was able to set strong accents in the environment of the IAA TRANSPORTATION.

International news agencies and press portals ensured that the core messages were widely disseminated, demonstrating that they were understood. Leading daily, business and financial publications and, above all, the international trade press clearly described the company’s market-leading position in the fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck segment in their reports. Particular emphasis was placed on the company’s cooperation with leading partners such as Ballard Power Systems and Allison Transmission. The performance and model spectrum in the battery sector is also well positioned. Very clear, also in discussions held with journalists parallel to the reporting, is the very high attention potential that QUANTRON has created through its time-to-market behavior, which differs massively from the general behavior of the competition. It was clearly understood: We are not only the first to deliver, but also the ones who clearly stand out from the competition through performance and reach.

Exemplary introduction in the lead story of the backgrounder to the IAA from the Der Tagesspiegel:”David is faster than Goliath: While Mercedes-Benz wants to launch its fuel cell truck GenH2 Truck FC only between 2027 and 2029, QUANTRON will build its hydrogen model in series already from 2023. At least the top model from Augsburg will also be ahead in terms of range: 1500 kilometers will be a world record, QUANTRON announced on Monday at the IAA Transportation in Hanover. The standard model gets 600 to 700 kilometers on one tank of hydrogen. The Mercedes manages a good 1000 kilometers.”

Ard Tagesschau says: “Fuel cell trucks can also be seen in Hanover. The young company QUANTRON presents its first hydrogen truck with a range of 700 kilometers at the IAA Transportation. It contains a (2x) 120-kW fuel cell newly developed by Ballard Power Systems. This and the hydrogen tanks are installed in the chassis. A special cost model is designed to attract freight forwarders: They only pay for the use of the vehicle by kilometers and the hydrogen required for this. As early as 2024 or 2025, diesel will probably cost more per kilometer than hydrogen,” said QUANTRON’s managers.

So the media also understood the unique position of the QUANTRON model of strategic cooperations and trend-setting investments (Ballard Power Systems and NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP) as the basis of technological advantage and in the creation of its own ecosystem.

Statements such as those in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung trade show coverage “Major German commercial vehicle manufacturers are in danger of falling behind in the field of heavy trucks with environmentally friendly drive systems. The IAA Transportation commercial vehicle show in Hanover provides just the arena for comparing products and technical solutions. At the moment, the American-Italian combination of Iveco and Nikola, the start-up QUANTRON or Volvo Truck seem to be ahead of the game” underline the strong impression Quantron AG is making and the position it has so quickly gained in the shark tank of competition.

The international press also takes a very positive view of the topic and certifies that QUANTRON has realized the range world champion at the IAA Transportation. For example, Automotive World headlines, “IAA Transportation World Premieres: Quantron unveils longest-range hydrogen and electric trucks based on newly developed platforms.” Likewise, Yahoo Finance and The Autopian cite the immense range that can be realized with up to 900 miles in chassis-integrated tanks and other auxiliary tanks: “Big Rig Builder Quantron Claims This Hydrogen Truck has a 900-Mile Range.”

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