Remeha Hydrogen Boiler Wins VSK 2020 Audience Award

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Remeha Wins VSK 2020 Award

The innovative hydrogen boiler from Remeha has won the VSK 2020 Audience Award. This HR boiler heats houses and buildings in a sustainable way because the special appliance burns hydrogen instead of natural gas. 

Remeha is happy with the appreciation of the public; the fact that the VSK public elected the hydrogen boiler as the winner of the public award, strengthens Remeha in its conviction that the hydrogen boiler will form an important link in a successful and affordable energy transition.

At the presentation of the prestigious public award, the professional jury expressed its appreciation for Remeha’s courage to look further than today or tomorrow. “With the realization of a hydrogen boiler, Remeha shows that it is already busy with the distant future,” said the jury.


Remeha sees hydrogen as the solution for the long-term storage of sustainable energy and the extensive reuse of our existing gas network. This vision encouraged the heating solution manufacturer to develop a compact and highly efficient HR boiler that uses hydrogen. The first pilot with this hydrogen-fired HR boiler started in Rozenburg in June 2019.


With the hydrogen boiler, Remeha creates a new solution that contributes to the mission of the Climate Accord: reducing CO₂ emissions in homes and offices. In addition to the options that heat pumps, heat networks and geothermal heat offer, the hydrogen boiler provides an extra preservation method, especially in areas and situations where it is difficult or even impossible to get started with heat pumps or heat networks.


The simplicity of the design makes it possible with the hydrogen boiler to replace the natural gas-fired central heating boilers one-on-one in homes and buildings. The underlying installations in buildings, such as the delivery system, hardly need to be adjusted. The only precondition that must be worked on in the coming years is the supply of sustainably generated hydrogen. It is important that research by Kiwa has already shown that our current natural gas network can also be used for the supply of hydrogen.


Because the technical fitability of the hydrogen boiler in homes and buildings requires relatively few adjustments, this can be a very relieving solution for residents and building owners. In particular in existing buildings, in densely built-up cities or in remote locations, where other measures are very expensive or even impossible. Here changing one-to-one from a gas-fired boiler to a hydrogen boiler can be a simple and affordable solution.


It is evident that a hydrogen boiler, which only releases oxygen and water, contributes to sustainability. A condition is that the chain with which we produce and transport hydrogen is also sustainable. With sun and wind we can now, but certainly in the future, produce an endless amount of hydrogen. If we also use the existing gas networks for transport, a total chain will be created in which hardly any CO 2 or other harmful emissions are released.

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