Reports: Plug Power New ‘Gigafactory’ to be Located in Rochester Area

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According to multiple reports in the media, Plug Power is reportedly expanding, getting ready to launch its new “gigafactory” in Rochester NY.

According to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Plug Power is reportedly moving into the Rochester are with its new hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing plant.

Sen. Chuck Schumer said “I made the case to Plug Power CEO Andrew Marsh that the Rochester region’s powerhouse workforce, along with New York’s excellent package, was the spark needed to drive its exciting and cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell technology to new heights.”

“I am ecstatic to say that Plug Power will be plugging into Rochester as the home for its new hydrogen fuel cell ‘gigafactory’ that will rev up Rochester with over 375 new good-paying, clean energy jobs,” Schumer, D-NY

Also according to Senator Schumer the new facility will open in mid-2021 and will have a footprint of 200,000-square-feet and will produce hydrogen electrolyzers, which will be used in the production of hydrogen fuel.

A ‘gigafactory’ is called that because it will produce the equipment to make gigawatts (billions) amounts of electrical power generation.

Plug Power has not made any comments to this story other than a post on Twitter

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