RH2 Pioneers Hydrogen Conversion Kits for Large Vehicles

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French innovator, RH2, is venturing into the creation of hydrogen conversion kits tailored for heavy-duty vehicles and construction equipment. These kits offer a cost-effective solution, transforming existing diesel engines to function using hydrogen, eliminating the need for costly vehicle replacements.

The unique mechanism by RH2 involves hydrogen and a mist of water being directly injected into the engine’s cylinder head. This optimized process not only boosts engine efficiency but dramatically curtails emissions. Impressively, with RH2’s conversion, NOx emissions can be curtailed by a staggering 95%.

Installation of these retrofit kits is streamlined, requiring only a week with a trio of skilled mechanics. This convenience presents an attractive proposition for fleet managers aspiring to diminish their carbon footprint without a complete fleet overhaul.

Currently, RH2’s retrofit kits are undergoing rigorous tests on an array of heavy machinery, including buses, trucks, and construction equipment. The company is optimistic about launching these kits commercially by 2024.

RH2 has patented an innovative solution consisting of replacing diesel with Hydrogen in the truck’s existing engine. This injection is combined with water to allow control of the reaction. The results are impressive: more power, more efficiency, 0 CO2 and NOx close to electric motors; all at an affordable cost.



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