Riversimple Fuel Cell Car Smashes Crowdfunding Target
Riversimple Fuel Cell Car Smashes Crowdfunding Target
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, April 11, 2017

In its first round of a crowdfunding campaign, Riversimple’s raised a total of £1,138,000, surpassing their goal target of £1m. Riversimple plans to build 20 hydrogen-powered cars. Company Founder Hugo Spowers said, “I am delighted that we have not only passed our first tranche , but the interest was so keen that we exceeded that figure,” Spowers said. “This is down to a growing demand for low emission personal transport and to the efforts of our team, because the people that work here make this company worth investing in.

“This very definite endorsement demonstrates people’s growing desire to be able to travel in a sustainable way and to start to address the catastrophic effects of pollution and global warming, while losing none of the joy of driving a responsive, beautifully-crafted car."

The company also posted this thank you note on their website.

"As our first crowdfunding closed at midnight on Sunday 9th April, we were thrilled to have reached over £1,138,000. A huge thank you to all those who have pledged to join us on this exciting and important journey towards clean and efficient cars.

In the meantime, we have fitted a new back end to the Rasa made of bio carbon, with layers of flax woven into it.

Inspired by nature in so many ways, the car has butterfly  doors and  now a ‘whale fluke’ boot, which will comfortably take a set of golf clubs or, if it is more to your taste, two cabin bags and a case of wine.

And that is good news as we definitely have occasion to celebrate! The entire team in LLandrindod Wells is in very high spirits. Thank you all."