Rodez Adds Two SymbioFcell Hydrogen Vehicles
Rodez Adds Two SymbioFcell Hydrogen Vehicles
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, April 10, 2017

The Agency recently presented to the press, alongside Rodez Agglomeration and Ets Braley, its Renault Kangoo hydrogen electric vhicles

The purchase was made with the company SymbioFcell. SymbioFcell specializes in research and development for the adaptation of hydrogen to automobile mobility. It is today in an industrial and financial partnership with Michelin, and a technical and commercial partnership with Renault. The vehicles offered by SymbioFcell meet three essential criteria: 

  • An autonomy range of 80/100 km in electric, to 280/300 km thanks to hydrogen, 
  • A recharge time of 5 minutes for a full tank of hydrogen, instead of several hours needed for a battery-operated vehicle, such as the basic Kangoo ZE 
  • A kilometer price that is practically equivalent to that of a diesel vehicle, taking into account the final net cost to the purchaser, savings on maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle: € 0.21 / km for the vehicle Hydrogen for 0.18 € / km for a diesel vehicle

The creation of the hydrogen production / distribution plant, a project led by Mr Christian Braley with the assistance of the EDF Rodez Agency, is expected to be operational by the end of 2017. Meanwhile, a temporary station, dedicated solely to distribution, will be put into operation.

By bringing together several public and private partners, EDF and Braley, have joined a European consortium in order to respond to the European Union's call for projects FCH2 JU-2014 to open hydrogen routes. 

With the installation of a hydrogen production and distribution station in Rodez, the first link in a hydrogen road between Rodez and Albi (with an H2 station on its First experiments of a fleet of hybrid vehicles batteries / hydrogen in the agglomeration of Rodez. The next stage will open the first cross-border hydrogen mobility corridor in Rodez in Zaragoza (Spain). 

This H2PiyR project, which involves the EDF Agency, the Aveyron-based SME Ondulia and the Occitanie region through its MADEELI agency, creates a network of about ten stations validated by the call for projects of the European program POCTEFA Regions of the Pyrenees).