RONN Motor Group Developing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus for Sale in China

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RONN Motor Group will build its first all-electric lightweight Nano-composite hydrogen fuel cell bus in China under its new JV agreement for sale in China and export to select countries

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.Feb. 13, 2019— RONN Motor Group, Inc. announced that under its new Joint Venture agreement, they will produce a lightweight Nano hydrogen fuel cell bus with battery enhancements for both the Asiamarkets and export. Ronn Ford, CEO, stated, “These buses are expected to be 30 percent lighter using our new Nano-composite and fuel cell technologies which will both extend driving range. Although built inside China for China, we fully expect to export these buses to developing hydrogen economies such as California and London.”

Additionally, “Our executive team are in talks with the governments of three provinces who are seeking to co-develop with us and begin advancing sustainable hydrogen technologies and infrastructure,” he also stated.

Kevin Hong, founder and Chairman of Arbor Lake Capital, the advisory group for RMG, added, “These fuel cell commercial vehicles in China are expected to have much better range than all battery powered vehicles. Also hydrogen fuel cell fleets only need one sustainable hydrogen fuel station per fleet. As the market develops the infrastructure will normalize and support major growth.”

About RONN Motor Group, Inc.
As a leader in hydrogen technology, RONN Motor Group, Inc. is joining the race to reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas effects by creating sustainable energy that will take us into tomorrow through the development of all-electric, hydrogen fuel-cell. zero-emission, long-range automotive and transportation platform designs commonly called NEV’s Go to for more information.

China’s automotive market is now the largest in the world, with government mandates to remove fossil fuel vehicles beginning in 2019.  Additionally, Chinese leaders have recently announced that hydrogen will serve as the new energy to power New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) for the future as China transitions from battery technology to NEVs.

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