RONN Motor Group, Inc. Partners in a Joint Venture to Launch its Hydrogen Vehicle for European Distribution Hub in Spain

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Fuel Cells Works, RONN Motor Group, Inc. Partners in a Joint Venture to Launch its Hydrogen Vehicle for European Distribution Hub in Spain
    • The joint venture is committed to the creation of a Decarbonization Hub positioning Spain as a leader in sustainable mobility innovation
    • RONN’s All-Electric (Unplugged), Hydrogen Fuel Cell Logistics Vehicles expected to launch for European distribution from the Hub
    • This joint venture expects to create more than 4,000 direct and 10,000 indirect jobs

SCOTTSDALE, AZ– RONN Motor Group, Inc. (RONN) is finalizing their partnership in a joint venture with QEV Technologies (QEV Tech) and Barcelona Technical Center (BTECH) for acquiring Nissan’s Industrial Zone and assets in Barcelona, Spain.

As Founding Partners, RONN, QEV Tech, and BTECH plan to commercialize the De-carbonization Hub which will retain thousands of jobs and add thousands of jobs to the local job market. This partnership represents a year-long process RONN began with Nissan and the Spanish government, placing the combined joint venture as the front runner over 60 other companies vying for this opportunity.

“Spain’s leadership in the development and deployment of the hydrogen economy positions the Decarbonization Hub as the ideal European headquarters for RONN,” says Ronn Ford, CEO, and founder of RONN. “The partnership with QEV Tech and BTECH will result in the creation of a powerful innovation hub, which will not only transform sustainable mobility but attract investment, generate jobs, and build an ecosystem for growth.”

The joint venture is currently in negotiations with Nissan Japan for the continuity of production of the e-NV200. RONN would rebrand as a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sold under the HYDRONN brand for anticipated European distribution. QEV Tech will maintain the electric version of the e-NV200 and rebrand under their name. RONN Motor Group intends to springboard its European production of the HYDRONN commercial logistics product line and other product lines at the Hub.

RONN’s MYST Q-SERIES Luxury SUV and Sedan are all-electric, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that will boast an anticipated 700+ km driving range. With state-of-the-art architecture, a luxurious interior, intuitive design, and technologically advanced safety features.

Additionally, Ronn Ford said, “Our transformational zero-emission, carbon-neutral mobility solutions allow drivers of passenger vehicles to indulge in the beauty, luxury, sentiment, and thrill of unplugged driving independence.”


The joint venture proposes an investment of around 1 billion euros over the next five years for the implementation of several cutting-edge projects in sustainable mobility. The approval of the Decarbonization Hub would create more than 4,000 direct jobs and nearly 10,000 indirect jobs through a wide network of suppliers and collaborators. Many national and international companies have already expressed their interest in becoming part of the De-carbonization Hub.

“Our goal is to boost sustainable mobility in a comprehensive way, a sector in which we are an internationally recognized player, but now looking for the industrialization of vehicles to profoundly transform new mobility, as well as urban transport and last-mile logistics,” says Joan Orús, CEO of QEV Technologies.

RONN Motor Group’s focus will be on all aspects of hydrogen production and fuel cell vehicle development, pushing the commercialization of the hydrogen economy at the Hub. RONN brings with it, through partnership with BayoTech, infrastructure for hydrogen fuel storage and distribution.

QEV Technologies has more than 20-years of pioneering sustainable, electric mobility. They have a solid track record backing them and have spent more than a decade manufacturing electric supercars.

QEV Technologies’ strategic plan includes, in the short and medium-term, the manufacture and commercialization of a wide range of electric products for industrial and last-mile vehicles, as well as electric platforms for BUS and small trucks. They are further committed to manufacturing a complete range of delivery vehicles with three models of electric vans and two electric platforms of 8m and 12m, which will be announced under a new brand name in December.

“We are ready to demonstrate our capabilities and take a step forward toward the industrialization of our technology. We dream of an industry with national technology, led by local talent, that demonstrates we are a world power in this sector. We are committed to creating a new sector with high potential for the next generations.” states Joan Orús, CEO of QEV Technologies.

Barcelona Technical Center (BTECH) is an engineering company with more than 15 years of experience in vehicle development, specialized in automotive, aeronautical, railway, and energy sectors. Through the constant search for innovative solutions to meet customer demands, BTECH professionals have developed and registered their own patents and are experts in assembly processes, industrialization, stamping, and injection parts.

“We have long been concerned about the future and have been working with our team on an energy transition model. We are motivated and excited to contribute to the transformation of this new era of sustainable mobility. Our mission in the project is to bring robustness in serial and industrial product development. We have enough energy and strength to take on this important project for the country and to be able to help maintain jobs.” Says Rafael Ruiz, CEO of BTECH.


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