Scotland: Feasibility Study for HydroGlen Renewable Hydrogen Project Completed

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Fuel Cells Works, Scotland: Feasibility Study for HydroGlen Renewable Hydrogen Project Completed
  • ‘Clean’ energy production from renewables is a key component of the move towards net-zero.

The feasibility study for our HydroGlen renewable hydrogen project has now been completed – please have a look at our Leaflet and Summary Report

Glensaugh has a wind turbine (50 kW) and solar PV panels (70kW), giving a combination of energy-sources that helps smooth out some of the seasonal and weather-related variability associated with both wind and solar.

This clean energy production (which could include micro-hydro on farms with good water resources) fits well in a farm system and can offset a high proportion of total energy requirements for electricity and heating.

Balancing energy supply and demand.

Intermittency of energy supply is still an issue with renewable energy systems, even where a combination of  renewable energy sources is available – throughout the year there will be times when production exceeds demand and when demand exceeds production.

Energy storage is therefore critical to be able to realise the full potential of renewables in a farm context. We are exploring energy storage solutions at Glensaugh and our primary focus is to assess the potential of hydrogen in this respect. As well as its potential as a renewable energy storage medium for all electrical and heating requirements, it could also replace some or all of the hydrocarbons currrently used as farm-associated vehicle fuels.

Exploring new technological innovations

Renewable energy technological innovations open up exciting new opportunities, and we are keen to test the potential of some of these in a farm context. Our new HydroGlen renewable hydrogen project is doing just that. We are grateful for funding support from the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES).

Another exciting new technology currently on our ‘radar’ is the development of a new type of solar cell that captures energy from raindrops as well as from irradiation.

If you are interested to work with us on any of these and other renewable technologies please get in touch.

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