Serneke and Mariestad Municipality is Building a Preschool with a Solar and Hydrogen Energy Solution

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October 13, 2020 |

Kronoparkens forskola

The municipalities of Serneke and Mariestad have signed a contract agreement to jointly build Kronoparken’s preschool. The project’s energy solution, where solar energy and hydrogen are combined, will be the first of its kind in Sweden in this type of building. The order sum amounts to SEK 65 million.

To meet the need for future preschool places, construction is now starting on a new and sustainable preschool in Mariestad. The new preschool is built on the same property as the old Kronoparksskolan was located and will have two floors with eight departments for 140 children.

The new preschool has a unique energy solution and the project is part of Mariestad municipality’s future investment “ElectriVillage”. Solar cells on the preschool’s roof will provide most of the energy needs. Hydrogen gas is produced from the surplus electricity, which is both produced and stored in a building outside the school building. During the dark period of the year when the sun is not enough to cover the energy needs, the hydrogen gas is converted into electrical and thermal energy that is used for operation and heating.

The project is at the forefront of the energy solution and high demands have thus been placed on the actors involved. During the design phase, thorough investigations have been carried out. For example, it has been about risk analyzes and classification plans, in which, among other things, the Rescue Service has been involved.

– It is with care for our youngest municipal residents and the children’s future that we build this preschool. We in Mariestad municipality once again show that we have the ability to go from words to action to drive development forward through another innovative energy solution towards a fossil-free tomorrow, says Johan Abrahamsson (M), municipal councilor in Mariestad municipality.

The supplier for the energy solution is Nilsson Energy.

– We are very happy and proud to be able to deliver a complete RE8760 renewable energy system to the preschool in Mariestad. Here we break common ground and show that it is possible to store renewable energy until it is needed and that it is relevant to locally produce green hydrogen as an energy carrier, says Pontus Lundgren, CEO Nilsson Energy.

The municipalities of Serneke and Mariestad have previously had collaboration agreements for phases 1 and 2, which included planning and design  as well as demolition of the existing preschool. Serneke has involved a number of partnering contractors throughout the project. A contract agreement for phase 3 has now been signed with Mariestad municipality and the contract is carried out in collaboration between the two parties.

– The project has been planned for a long time with very committed contractors and consultants. Reconstructions and savings have been made in various stages and it has been a long journey to the signing of the contract for the contract. Therefore, it is extra fun that the project has now received a start permit, says Patrik Sjögren, work manager at Serneke.

The project will start construction in October 2020 and is expected to be completed in January 2022. The order sum of SEK 65 million is included in the order intake for the third quarter of 2020.

Source: Serneke


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