Shanghai Releases its Development Plan for Fuel Cell Vehicles
Shanghai Releases its Development Plan for Fuel Cell Vehicles
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As news reports of the demise of the internal combustion engine in China continue, the city of Shanghai earlier this month issued a development plan of its own pertaining to the city's developement plans for fuel cell cars.

Shanghai is planning to build anywhere between 5-10 hydorgen stations and plans to launch at least 3,000 fuel cell buses and vehicles by 2020. It also plans to raise the number of hydrogen stations to 50 in five years once the target of 20,000 fuel cell cars are in service.

In a press release yesterday the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission said yesterday that it was planning to boost development of fuel cell cars in the coming years.

Below is the the entire comprehensive release from the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

Development plan of fuel cell vehicle in Shanghai
Development of fuel cell vehicles, is to adapt to the global automotive industry, the trend of ecological change, to achieve China's auto industry from the big and important way, is to implement the national innovation-driven development strategy to accelerate the construction of global science and technology innovation center is an important practice, Real economic level, driving the Shanghai auto industry transformation and occupation of the future high ground of an important breakthrough, is to address energy security, environmental protection and other social challenges, the construction of 2040 outstanding global city an important foothold. To speed up the city's fuel cell vehicle innovation breakthrough, the development of the development plan.

First, the development status and trends of fuel cell vehicles

  • automobile and energy industry overall development situation

The automobile industry is the pillar industry of the world's major industrial countries and is an important indicator of the comprehensive strength and degree of development of a country. With the increasing number of cars in the world, energy shortage and environmental pollution problems become increasingly prominent, has become the survival and development of human facing two major challenges. Looking for and developing new car clean energy, will have a significant impact on the global automotive and energy industry structure and socio-economic development.
Hydrogen and fuel cell technology is the world's energy transformation and power transformation of the major strategic direction. Fuel cell vehicles with good environmental performance, high conversion efficiency, filling time is short, long mileage and other advantages, is the future of the automotive industry sustainable development of the important direction is to deal with global energy shortages and environmental pollution, an important strategic initiatives. The development of fuel cell vehicles has become the global automotive and energy industry transformation and upgrading of an important breakthrough.
Developed countries attach great importance to fuel cell vehicles, and actively promote the construction of supporting facilities. The United States, Japan, the European Union and other major countries and regions will be fuel cell vehicles into the national or regional strategic development system for planning, set up a special R & D and demonstration and promotion of various policies to seize the initiative. Such as Japan plans to 2020 by about 40,000 fuel cell vehicles, the construction of 160 hydrogen refueling stations; Germany plans to spread around 2023 in about 100,000, the construction of 400 hydrogen refueling station. At present, the global fuel cell vehicle has entered the technical and market demonstration stage, is expected in 2020 will be fully into the commercial stage. Industry chain giants have formed a coalition for fuel cell vehicle commercial collaborative research, and with energy, minerals and other enterprises to form a more extensive cooperation, showing the backbone of the whole enterprise traction industry chain development trend.the domestic fuel cell vehicle development situation

  • The state attaches great importance to the fuel cell vehicle industry. 

The past two years, the relevant state ministries and regulations issued a strong policy, vigorously support the development of fuel cell vehicles. "National Innovation-driven Development Strategy Outline", "13th Five-Year" National Science and Technology Innovation Plan "," 13th Five-Year "National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan", "Made in China 2025", "Automobile Industry Medium- and Long-term Development Plan" , "Thirteen" traffic science and technology innovation in the field of special planning "and so will develop hydrogen and fuel cell technology as a key task, the fuel cell vehicles as a key support areas, and made it clear: 2020 to achieve 5000 scale In a specific area of ​​public service vehicles in the field of demonstration applications, built 100 hydrogen refueling stations; 2025 to achieve the application of 50,000 scale, built 300 hydrogen refueling stations; 2030 to achieve millions of fuel cell vehicles commercial applications, Built 1000 hydrogen refueling station.
China has a certain basis for fuel cell vehicle research and development. In the national scientific research programs and demonstration projects under the continuous support of the domestic has been initially grasp the key materials, components and power system, some of the key technologies, the basic establishment of independent intellectual property rights of vehicle fuel cell power technology platform, the cumulative development of hundreds of fuel Battery cars, combined with the Olympic Games, the World Expo, the Asian Games, Universiade, UNDP and other demonstration projects, carried out a certain scale of the demonstration run. Recently, Guangdong, Hubei and other places have set up hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle industry funds to capital as a link, the initial formation of the industrial clusters, to carry out a certain scale of demonstration applications.
Promote the development of fuel cell vehicles, the situation is increasingly urgent. At present, China's fuel cell vehicles are facing the lack of implementation of the program, infrastructure planning and construction is not enough, lack of R & D investment, the industry chain is not perfect and so difficult to seriously hinder the commercialization of China's fuel cell vehicles. China is the world's most important potential market for fuel cell vehicles, if the field in the field of fuel cell vehicles behind people, in the pure electric, plug-in hybrid areas of the advantages of accumulation will be unsustainable, missed by the car power to the car power strategy The

  • Shanghai fuel cell vehicle foundation and opportunities

The first advantage is obvious. Shanghai is China's fuel cell vehicle technology research and development, industrialization pioneer. "15" during the formation of scientific research model, to undertake a number of national projects, laid a good technology accumulation, research and development base and talent team and other advantages; "Eleventh Five-Year" period to establish a model application-driven model, the construction of hydrogen refueling station Infrastructure, has accumulated a wealth of fuel cell vehicle demonstration run experience. "Twelve Five" period into the "vehicle traction" development model. From 2003, "beyond one" fuel cell vehicles to 2015 SAIC Roewe 950 fuel cell vehicles, Shanghai fuel cell vehicle technology level has always represented the highest level of China's fuel cell vehicle development, and in the Expo, new energy vehicles, such as Miles The application is outstanding.
Industry chain resources are more abundant. Shanghai is focused on hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle technology research and development, manufacturing more than 30 enterprises, covering key materials, key components, fuel cell power systems and vehicle, as well as the promotion of application and supporting services and other links, forming a more Perfect industrial chain. Jiading District has initially formed a fuel cell vehicle industry chain resource aggregation, including SAIC, Auto City Group, Tongji University, motor vehicle testing center, on the power, electric drive, remodeling, Shunhua, Universal car, Batch of key units, with the hydrogen, fuel cells, power system platform, fuel cell vehicles and demonstration operations and other more complete industrial supporting elements, continue to attract many domestic and foreign enterprises and industrial chain advantages of enterprises settled. The global fuel cell vehicle industry resources in Shanghai convergence trend gradually formed.
Development into a new stage. Fuel cell vehicles have entered the initial stage of industrialization, the focus of competition from technology research and development to all aspects of the whole industry chain. Shanghai urgently in the demonstration operation promotion, infrastructure construction, public service platform, key technology research and other aspects of the corresponding development planning and implementation details, to seize the fuel cell vehicle strategic emerging industries to cultivate and develop policy opportunities, break through the development bottleneck. Through the vehicle traction and demonstration drive, rational allocation of resources, to seize 3 to 5 years window period, the establishment of Shanghai in the fuel cell vehicle competition in the dominant position, and steadily push the fuel cell vehicle scale and commercialization process.

Second, the guiding ideology, basic principles and development goals

  • Guiding ideology

To implement the "National Innovation-Driven Development Strategy" and Shanghai to build a global influence of the scientific and technological innovation center decision-making deployment, the development of fuel cell vehicles as the Shanghai auto industry transformation and upgrading of the lead project. Firmly grasp the technological development and industry trends, the integration of domestic and foreign advantages of resources, give full play to the advantages of Shanghai, focus on breaking the key bottlenecks, stimulate enterprise innovation and vitality, the establishment of leading domestic and world-class fuel cell vehicle technology chain and industrial chain, Circle, cultivate a number of core competitiveness of leading enterprises and leading talent to build fuel cell vehicle technology and industrial innovation system, Shanghai will become a world-class fuel cell vehicle innovation center and industrial high ground.

  •  The basic principles
  • Adhere to the top design. Strengthen the fuel cell vehicle industry's top design, system planning and scientific layout, a clear industrial development direction and a breakthrough, the preparation of planning and implementation of the program to promote the implementation of key tasks.
  • Adhere to innovation drive. Clear fuel cell vehicle technology development line, focusing on fuel cell stacks, engine integration and control, auxiliary system key components and other technologies, breakthrough fuel cell vehicle technology development bottleneck.
  • Adhere to the demonstration lead. To carry out fuel cell vehicle time-sharing leasing operations and public transport, logistics vehicle regional demonstration operation, linkage optimization fuel cell hydrogen infrastructure layout, accelerate the fuel cell vehicle industry chain perfect, promote the fuel cell vehicle scale and commercialization.
  • Adhere to the collaborative advance. Deepen the city, district linkage and departmental coordination, the formation of the lead department responsible for the relevant departments with the power and responsibility consistent, standardized and orderly, coordinated with each other, running efficient collaborative linkage mechanism to promote the rapid development of industrial chain.
  • Development goals

To promote the demonstration operation of fuel cell vehicles, to carry out hydrogen energy infrastructure, research and development and testing service platform and other common facilities, breaking the vehicle fuel cell stack, key materials and core components and other key technologies to guide the development of fuel cell vehicle industry base and Industry funds, built a leading domestic and world-class fuel cell vehicle technology chain and industrial chain, to promote China's commercial development of fuel cell vehicles.

  • Recent targets (2017 - 2020). To create a leading domestic fuel cell vehicle technology demonstration city, the formation of high-quality industrial chain resource aggregation effect, to achieve fuel cell vehicle core technology closely follow the international industry level. In the technical chain level, to achieve the stack, system integration and control, key components and other core technology to track the international level, the key indicators and international standards. In the industrial chain level, build an industrial cluster containing key components, stacks, system integration, test and certification services, vehicle development and other sectors, gathered more than 100 fuel cell vehicle-related enterprises, to cultivate the international influence of hydrogen and fuel Battery technology research and development center 1, fuel cell vehicle inspection and testing center 1, fuel cell vehicle industry chain annual output value exceeded 15 billion yuan. In the demonstration operation and promotion level, the construction of hydrogen station 5-10, passenger car demonstration area 2, the scale of operation to reach 3,000, and actively promote the fuel cell bus, logistics and other vehicle pilot.
  • Medium Term (2021 - 2025). Planning fuel cell vehicle demonstration area, the formation of the region is relatively perfect supporting the construction of hydrogen infrastructure in the regional public transport, business vehicles, commercial logistics and other areas to explore the bulk delivery, enhance the fuel cell vehicle industry chain international competitive advantage. At the technical chain level, the formation of a series of fuel cell stack products, fuel cell vehicle technology to synchronize the international level. In the industrial chain level, the formation of the international influence of a vehicle business, power system enterprises 2-3 home, key parts enterprises 8-10, into the world's top three first-class research and development and public service agencies 2, fuel cell Automobile industry chain annual output value exceeded 100 billion yuan. In the demonstration operation and promotion level, built hydrogen station 50, passenger cars of not less than 20,000, other special vehicles not less than 10,000, in the bus, commercial buses, logistics vehicles on the basis of the successful operation of the pilot, Expand the scale of promotion as appropriate.
  • Long term goal (2026-2030). Become the international influence of the fuel cell vehicle application city, the overall technology close to the international advanced, some of the technology to achieve the international leader, the industrialization of a comprehensive mature, for private users to achieve further marketing, promote hydrogen transport, radiation national fuel cell vehicle industry, high-speed development The In the technical chain level, to achieve fuel cell vehicle technology and manufacturing to achieve the same level of foreign; in the industrial chain level, to achieve the Shanghai fuel cell vehicle industry chain annual output value exceeded 300 billion yuan, led the national fuel cell products, diversified applications. In the demonstration run and promote the level, and ultimately the formation of Shanghai's fuel cell vehicle industry chain and the value chain radiation, promote the future of social energy and power transformation.

Third, the focus of the development of fuel cell vehicles

Task 1, build application-driven development model
Based on the advantages and functional positioning of the central city, for the advantages of fuel cell vehicle applications, to explore the integration of the Internet and the new energy of the fuel cell vehicle innovation business model, the implementation of fuel cell vehicle commercial operation management, policy support and other measures to drive fuel The rapid development of battery automobile industry chain. Set up fuel cell vehicle commercial operation demonstration area, to carry out public transport, custom sharing bus, time-sharing leasing and other operational demonstration, traction Shanghai fuel cell vehicle industry rapid development.

Task II, planning the construction of hydrogen refueling stations
The implementation of the responsibility of the main body, the deployment of hydrogen refueling station network layout planning and construction, crack fuel cell vehicle demonstration run bottlenecks. Based on industrial facilities and hydrogen source base, to promote the planning and construction of hydrogen refueling stations in Shanghai, such as Shanghai Hydrogenation Station, Jiading, Chongming, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and Lingang. With the demonstration line and demonstration area construction, research hydrogenation terminal subsidies and other policies to reduce consumer use costs, and promote the Shanghai hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle industry coordinated development.

Task three, create an industrial park
To promote the international automobile city science and technology innovation port, Tongji science and technology park, outside the new energy vehicles and key parts industry base and other fuel cell vehicle-related park construction, enhance fuel cell vehicle innovation vitality, accelerate the transfer of technology research and development to attract talent, Capital and industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises to further gather to promote domestic and international industrial chain between the integration of resources and benign interaction, improve the Shanghai fuel cell vehicle industry development level and international competitiveness. By 2020, the park related enterprises more than 100, the formation of a more complete fuel cell vehicle industry cluster; to 2025, in key materials, parts and core products, the formation of the domestic top, leading international leading enterprises 3-5 The

Task 4, the construction of public service platform
Support the motor vehicle inspection and testing center, Tongji University Intelligent New Energy Vehicle Collaborative Innovation Center and other institutions, and further play in the fuel cell engine systems, stacks, key components and other aspects of service capacity, the construction of third-party quality public service platform to promote the advantages of resources Efficient use, the formation of healthy and open cooperation mechanism.Support the development of technology research and development services, measurement testing and testing and certification services, reduce R & D costs, stimulate the vitality and creativity of SMEs. Promote the development and improvement of industry standards, strengthen the links between domestic and foreign industry and industry organizations, and speed up the establishment and improvement of relevant regulations and standards of fuel cells and hydrogen refueling stations. Promote technology and industry exchanges, for enterprises and institutions to provide policies, industry information, technical analysis and other services, the establishment of international industry chain exchanges and cooperation mechanism to accelerate the industrialization process.

Task 5, the implementation of major projects
Positioning the fuel cell vehicle industry in the general direction, aimed at the world's leading level in the reactor and core materials, engine system integration and control, key parts and other areas to carry out technical research, engineering research and product development, promote testing technology and index system research. Break through the key technologies of fuel cell stack, carry out research on core technology such as catalyst, proton exchange membrane, membrane electrode and bipolar plate, improve the performance and life of the stack product and reduce the cost. Optimize the fuel cell engine integration and control technology, research high specific power fuel cell engine technology, to achieve reliability, durability and other comprehensive upgrade. We will focus on breakthroughs in key components such as air compressor, hydrogen circulation pump, humidifier and DC / DC converter to further improve the key parts technology chain. To carry out fuel cell stack, key components, engine system integration and other aspects of the test technology and index system research.

Task 6, the establishment of industrial funds
To guide and encourage qualified capital to set up a fuel cell vehicle industry fund, to attract leveraging the active participation of social funds, and further play a decisive role in market allocation of resources to enhance the market vitality and development potential.