SimpleFuel Unveils Hydrogen Refueling Solution at ACT Expo
SimpleFuel Unveils Hydrogen Refueling Solution at ACT Expo
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, May 19, 2016

At the clean transportation and alternative fuels tradeshow ACTA Expo, McPhy Energy NA and its consortium partners unveiled a compact and cost competitive SimpleFuel™ refueling solution for targeted fuel cell vehicle and material handling markets.

This turnkey SimpleFuel™ refueling solution integrates on-site hydrogen generation, compression and dispense technologies in a compact footprint while ensuring safety and cost-effectiveness. The SimpleFuel™ product is targeted towards vehicle fueling markets such as residential, small fleets, work place, and service centres. In addition, the solution will also enable fuel cell material handling solutions to address the fueling needs of small distribution centres and retail stores.

The SimpleFuel™ team brings together three leading organizations in the hydrogen industry in an effort to develop a safe, cost effective on-site hydrogen solution. The SimpleFuel™ Home Vehicle Refueling Appliance is offered as a fully integrated hydrogen generation, compression, storage and dispensing system capable of delivering up to 5 kg/day of hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles at pressures up to 700 bar. As a part of the H-Prize competition we are honored to be selected as a finalist and are excited about the opportunity to demonstrate our product.

The companies that are leading the effort are:

Ivys Energy Solutions is the team coordinator and responsible for supplying the gas purification and conditioning, storage, dispensing and all top-level integration for operation and controls. The team at Ivys has over two decades of combined experience in the design, development and deployment of hydrogen vehicle refueling systems, including commercial applications in the industrial mobility sector and automotive demonstrations.

PDC Machines Inc. is providing the compressor sub-system to the team and will also be the test site for demonstrating our product. PDC will provide the necessary space & utilities and has worked with the local Authorities having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) to gain their support for this demonstration. PDC is the world leading manufacturer of hydrogen compressors for the hydrogen energy, industrial and specialty gases markets. PDC compressor technologies have a long and successful track record of performance in hydrogen energy installations worldwide. With over 260 compressors in refueling applications worldwide and increasing monthly.

McPhy Energy North America is providing the electrolyzer sub-system to the team. McPhy is a leading provider of electrolyzer and metal hydride storage solutions to the hydrogen industry. McPhy has the capability and has delivered electrolyzers in the range of 1-3,000 kg/day for a range of applications including on-site hydrogen for fueling applications. McPhy has deployed more than 3,000 electrolyzers in more than 1,000 customers around the world.