Sinopec’s GZ Subsidiary Completes Expansion & Renovation of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Supply Centre

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Sinopec Group has successfully completed an expansion and renovation project at its Hydrogen Supply Centre for Fuel Cells in Guangzhou, significantly boosting the region’s hydrogen infrastructure capabilities. This development is set to enhance the hydrogen supply chain in South China, particularly in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Sinopec’s Guangzhou subsidiary has recently finalized a significant expansion and renovation at its Hydrogen Supply Centre for Fuel Cells, marking a pivotal advancement in hydrogen energy development for South China. Completed mechanically on June 30, the facility now enters the production preparation phase, aiming to significantly bolster its hydrogen output and refueling infrastructure.

The centre, which began its first phase in December 2020, is recognized as Sinopec’s inaugural high-purity hydrogen production base in South China and has the longest commercial operation period in the region. To date, the facility has supplied a cumulative total of 1,245 tonnes of high-purity hydrogen. This recent expansion, which started in September 2023, is set to increase the total hydrogen production capacity for fuel cells to over 5,100 tonnes per annum. Additionally, the number of hydrogen refueling stations will grow from five to eight, effectively serving the burgeoning hydrogen demand within the Greater Bay Area and beyond.

The expanded facility includes a 5,200 standard cubic meter per hour hydrogen purification plant and a hydrogen refueling mother station along with ancillary units, making it the largest of its kind in South China. The strategic expansion not only enhances the hydrogen supply chain but also supports the region’s clean energy goals by providing a critical infrastructure for the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells.

This development positions Sinopec as a key player in the regional hydrogen economy, aligning with broader national initiatives to promote sustainable energy sources. The focus on high-purity hydrogen, crucial for the efficiency and longevity of fuel cells, showcases Sinopec’s commitment to advancing technology and meeting stringent quality standards.

As the Guangzhou Petrochemical Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hydrogen Supply Center moves towards operational readiness, its impact on the local and regional hydrogen markets will be closely watched. This initiative is expected to play a significant role in meeting the clean energy needs of the Greater Bay Area, contributing to its reputation as a leading economic and technological hub.

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