Sirius Integrator becomes the Exclusive US Distributor of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies
Sirius Integrator becomes the Exclusive US Distributor of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, December 18, 2015

Groton, MA – Sirius Integrator is now the exclusive US Distributor and Reseller of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies 12v fuel cell DC battery chargers.  Horizon Fuel Cell Technology's reformed methanol PEM fuel cell battery-charging systems can automatically keep, based on battery voltage levels, both lead acid and lithium-ion battery banks, optimally charged.

Benefits of using an off-grid dc fuel cell generator include; reduced remote site visits, quiet operation, use of smaller battery banks, increase power reliability, using locally source & less fuel, being emissions & maintenance free, and remote management that equates to a dramatic reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of industrial off-grid remote power configurations.   Reformed Methanol is less flammable then pure methanol or fuels like diesel or gasoline and fuel cell systems are less likely to freeze with use of this premixed fuel that could  be sourced locally to the manufacturer's specifications.

Sirius Integrator, who has been a reseller of SFC Energy EFOY Pro fuel cells for seven years in North America, now has added the extremely low priced Horizon Fuel Cell MFC150 (150w) and Mini 100 (100w) & Mini 50 (50w) fuel cell dc 12v battery chargers.  We offer field tested outdoor enclosures for both stationary and mobile applications across mission-critical operations like homeland security, law enforcement, communications, telecom & vSat, wind profiling, radar, marine & weather station, no idle trucking, traffic signage & management, oil & gas, water management, railway, and recreational leisure applications.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies system pricing starts at as low as $ 3,499, making the Mini system the lowest priced and smallest fuel cell battery charger on the market in the world.  Sirius Integrator customers will finally be able to widely adopt this technology at this new pricing point.