SkyDrive Develops “Flying Car” and Successfully Test Flights it in Public

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Powered by hydrogen, the Skydrive is therefore a more environmentally friendly vehicle

SkyDrive Co., Ltd. last week announced that it has successfuly conducted a public manned flight test at Toyota Test Field, which has one of Japan’s largest indoor flight test fields of 10,000 m2. In this manned flight test, SkyDrive used the world’s first manned testing machine SD-03 model.

The manned flight test was conducted in the evening and the flight time was approximately 4 minutes. The aircraft is a single-seater and is piloted by a pilot, but computer-assisted assistance stabilizes the flight. In the backyard, the flight status is monitored to ensure safety at all times. In the near future, the compact size is considered to be effective so that it will spread as a new means of daily transportation, and it is designed to fit in two general parking lots. Our goal is to develop the world’s smallest flying car model, approximately 2m high, 4m wide and 4m long. The drive system is a system that drives the rotor with an electric motor. The rotors are arranged in four places, and two rotors rotate for each place to generate driving force. By adopting a total of eight motors, even if a part of the electric motor/rotor system fails, it will play a backup role, allowing safe flight.

The design proceeded with the keyword “progressive” (pioneering and advanced) suitable for the transportation of a new genre. The main body is largely divided into S shapes while maintaining a sense of unity when viewed from the side, like the dynamic SkyDrive emblem on the front, like a pair of propellers that fly together into the sky of the future by combining the entanglement power It expresses a feeling of dynamism. The two white front lamps and one red tail lamp that wrap around the lower part of the body are the unique features of a “flying car”, and when the aircraft floats in the sky, a friendly design that makes it easy for non-passengers to see the direction of the aircraft It has become.

A flying coupe that incorporates dreams and charisma. I aimed for such a design. The main color of the exterior of this time, Pearl White, was selected by imagining the white birds and flying clouds in the future sky. SkyDrive will continue to design a safe future sky as a partner that colors your future sky. Based on the results of this manned testing machine SD-03, we will continue to carry out flight experiments in a wider environment to further develop safe and secure technology.

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Comment from Tomohiro Fukuzawa, Representative Director:  Since the establishment of SkyDrive in 2018, all the members have worked hard on technical development and have continued the manned flight test from the beginning of this year.This time, we have the opportunity to share the state of manned flight with many people. I am very happy that it was established. The next big milestone is the commercialization of flying cars in 2023. We want to provide the convenience and enjoyment of transportation by utilizing the sky for everyday transportation.

Comment from Nobuo Kishi, Chief Technology Officer: The manned flight that we have achieved this time is the culmination of the results that SkyDrive has accumulated for technical verification so far. We have been working step by step with certainty and step by step, such as designing and testing electric propulsion systems, flight control systems, airframe structures, etc., and introducing monitoring equipment for airframe conditions during flight tests. We will continue to work on technical development and type certification so that we can start a safe and reliable flight car navigation service in FY2023.

Design Director Takumi Yamamoto Comment In designing: a new genre/transportation called flying car, while fully incorporating the high technology of SkyDrive, all future users want to dream! And the charismatic vehicle was designed with the keywords of Progressive and Cool. I think that it will play an active part as your partner, a compact coupe flying in the sky. As a pioneer in a new genre, I would like to continue to design vehicles that everyone can dream of. SkyDrive will continue to develop with safety first. At the same time, along with the roadmap presented by the “Public-Private Council for the Revolution of the Sky,” we will strive to commercialize by the year 2023.


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