Slovenia: EUR 3 Million Funding for Purchase of Six Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

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The Municipality of Velenje and the Municipality of Šoštanj obtained co-financing of EUR 3 million for the purchase of six M3 vehicles with a hydrogen powered fuel cells at the invitation of the Eco Fund for granting non-refundable financial incentives. 

The municipality of Velenje acquired funds of EUR 2 million for the purchase of four vehicles, while the municipality of Šoštanj million EUR for the purchase of two vehicles. The vehicles will be intended for passenger transport in the project of setting up a new public passenger transport to hydrogen technologies in municipalities.

Local public passenger transport has been implemented in the Municipality of Velenje since 2008 on four routes, and it was introduced by the Šoštanj municipality at the end of 2018. During the period of operation, the need for establishing a long-distance connection was demonstrated in the municipalities since daily Velenje and Šoštanje labor migration, and also the residents of both municipalities migrate between settlements also for the purpose of performing other activities.

As part of the establishment of the new service, the expansion and optimization of existing routes is envisaged, which means the inclusion of additional stops or an increase in the frequency of journeys in accordance with the needs of local communities. It is also planned to establish a new line connecting both municipalities.

The end of the project and the establishment of new lines are foreseen at the end of 2020.

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