Solaris Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Bus to Debut June 2019

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Solaris Hydrogen Bus

In its 2018 report to shareholders, Solaris announced that it would be debuting two new products in 2019. 

Solaris BusesThe first of these will be the Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen The première of the 12 metre long bus with an electric driveline and a hydrogen fuel cell as range extender has been slated for June 2019, during the Public Transport Summit in Stockholm. It will be the first Solaris bus that runs on hydrogen and is 12 meters long. The manufacturer has applied the latest technological achievements on the market as regards components for hydrogen storage and power generation (composite tanks to store type IV hydrogen and a hydrogen fuel cell of the new generation).

The second vehicle, whose début has been scheduled for the Busworld trade fair in Brussels in October, is the Solaris Trollino 24. The trolleybus under construction is the first bi-articulated vehicle with two drive axles and an oversize length of 24 metres in Solaris’ history. Ultimately, it will constitute a construction platform for trolleybuses, as well as battery and hybrid buses.

“We enter 2019 with ambitious targets and large number of secured orders for this year. Crucially, a significant part of these vehicles feature alternative drivelines in the design and production of which Solaris is now a European expert. We also attach great importance to after-sales services offered to our customers and focus on the development of that segment. With each year we face new challenges born of expectations of the market with regard to innovative solutions. However, Solaris is an organisation perfectly prepared for that task and it is able to both respond to the needs of its customers, and create new market trends, in particular with regard to e-mobility,” Javier Calleja, CEO of Solaris, sums up the company’s plans for 2019.


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