Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC-XIV) – Ceres Presents Technical and Commercial Milestones
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At the Fourteenth International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC-XIV), held in Glasgow from July 26-31, 2015, Ceres Power presented papers on its significant technical and commercial progress during the last twelve months.

Two technical papers have been published detailing the extensive development and verification of the latest generation of the Ceres Steel Cell technology and the performance advantages of the Steel Cell’s unique low-temperature metal supported solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) design, which offers enhanced robustness to real-world operating conditions at a lower cost than conventional SOFC designs, whilst retaining the advantages of fuel flexibility, high efficiency and low degradation.

The papers support the considerable technical progress Ceres has achieved, with milestones including: an increase of greater than 40% in the overall power density of the Steel Cell technology, enabling lower product costs and accelerated adoption of end user products using the technology; an increase of net electrical efficiency to 48%, better than most technologies currently on the market at the 700We scale, with a target of of >55% net electrical efficiency by 2016 for larger (>5 kWe) prime power applications; a high resistance to E-stop cycling that been replicated by commercial partners running units in Japan and Korea.

Kinetics of Internal Methane Reforming on the Anodes of Low Temperature Ceres Power Steel Cell SOFCs
by Robert Timothy Leah, Mike Lankin, Adam Bone, Subhasish Mukerjee and Mark Selby

Ceres Power Steel Cell Technology: Rapid Progress Towards a Truly Commercially Viable SOFC
by Robert Timothy Leah, Adam Bone, Mike Lankin, Ahmet Selcuk, Mahfujur Rahman, Andrew Clare, Lee Rees, Stephen Phillip, Subhasish Mukerjee and Mark Selby

These papers are reproduced by permission of ECS – The Electrochemical Society (2015). Use is subject to ECS copyright - © 2015, The Electrochemical Society.

Ceres is partnering with leading global system and manufacturing companies to develop and commercialise the next generation of power products using the Steel Cell technology for different applications from residential power to larger scale back-up power and prime power, with the intention of commercialization over the next 5 years.