SolidPower Debuts New Fuel Cell BlueGEN micro CHP Unit

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BlueGen BG 15

Under the motto POWEREVOLUTION, the solemn product launch of the new micro-CHP BlueGEN BG-15 from manufacturer SOLIDpower took place on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 in Heinsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia. The highly efficient fuel cell-based power generator converts natural gas into electricity in an electrochemical process. CEO Alberto Ravagni praised the new BlueGEN BG-15 as a “trend-setting innovation of de-centralized micro-CHPs”.

Numerous invited guests from industry, business, trade and the press had accepted SOLIDpower’s invitation. Johannes Simon led through an entertaining and informative program. As a highlight, Alberto Ravagni and the managing director of SOLIDpower GmbH, Andreas Ballhausen, unveiled the new BlueGEN BG-15. The new BlueGEN BG-15 sets new standards and ignites the next evolution in decentralized power production.

BlueGen 15 Solid Power

20 million operating hours

Alberto Ravagni explained that the new BlueGEN BG-15 is not only visually different from its predecessor, but also contains numerous technical innovations. At the same time, Ravagni emphasized that the BlueGEN BG-15 would retain the best of its predecessor: “Our systems have proven their suitability in over 20 million operating hours. We have consistently adhered to the development of the new BlueGEN BG-15 and systematically improved solid oxide fuel cell technology, “explained Ravagni. The BG-15 also produces continuously, free from external influences and highly efficient electricity.
In brief feature films, Dr. Timm Kehler, CEO of the industry initiative Zukunft ERDGAS and spokesman for the fuel cell initiative, and Guido Schaefer, owner of Guido Schaefer GmbH and longtime trade partner of SOLIDpower, the advantages of the combination of natural gas and fuel cell. “In natural gas technologies, too, we are moving in the direction of a low-carbon future, with the fuel cell in particular helping with its high efficiency. The gas industry is actively investing in the production of green gas, so-called power-to-gas. In combination with the fuel cell, the dream team of the energy turnaround emerges, “Dr. Timm Kehler. Guido Schaefer added: “The technology of the fuel cell and the unit from SOLIDpower are optimal. The BlueGEN is the silver bullet in the energy transition,

CEO Alberto Ravagni explained what the product launch of the BlueGEN BG-15 for SOLIDpower means: “With the BlueGEN BG-15, we underpin our outstanding position in the market and pave the way for decentralized fuel cell micro CHPs in the mass market.”

Years of research

Andreas Ballhausen thanked the staff for their commitment in his words of welcome and subsequently stated with satisfaction, “the fact that we were able to gather here in this context today is the result of hard work and intensive research. A big thank you to everyone who made this event possible with your commitment. “


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