SOLIDpower manufactures 1000th Fuel Cell BlueGEN Unit
SOLIDpower manufactures 1000th Fuel Cell BlueGEN Unit
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, December 14, 2017

Fuel cell manufacturer SOLIDpower produced its 1000th BlueGEN generator at its facility in Heinsberg last week. This is a huge step in the short history of the globally operating company, which offers a sustainable alternative for the decentralized power generation with its micro-CHPs.

Until now fuel cells for efficient and low-emission power supply have only been produced in small volumes due to the lack of technical maturity and limited support programs. With the investment of SOLIDpower in Heinsberg, the stack technology was improved further and the production processes have been optimized, which significantly increased the monthly production output. By now the production is operating on high capacity, just in time for the expansion of the KfW 433 funding program.

Furthermore, the staff at the facility in Heinsberg increased from 30 to about 90 employees within the last three years. In November 2017 the production began to operate in shifts, which eliminates long start-up periods in the production. Combined with the favorable production conditions up to 1,500 systems can be manufactured per year in Heinsberg in the future. Additionally, in the fall of 2018, another production site in Italy will be commissioned and significantly increase production volume further. This will pave the way for SOLIDpower’s fuel cell technology towards mass-market deployment.

“This is a very important achievement. We successfully ramped up the production in Heinsberg, thanks to the efficient cooperation of our teams in Heinsberg, Italy, Switzerland and Australia”, explains Alberto Ravagni, CEO of SOLIDpower.

About Solidpower:

Due to highest technical competencies and continuous innovation, the Solidpower group is one of the leading manufacturers of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) in the world. As a relevant innovator in the field, and as European market leader, the company has deployed more than 850 Bluegen micro power stations since its market introduction. With a total of 200 employees based in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia, Solidpower is further advancing its technical innovations to expand to further markets in the US and Asia.