South Korea: Daegu City Aims to Supply 12,000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars and 40 Hydrogen Stations by 2030

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Daegu City Hydrogen Main

Last week Daegu City announced a “Basic Plan for the Supply of Hydrogen Vehicles and the Construction of Hydrogen Fuel Station” in order to speed up the activation of the hydrogen economy and to set up the innovation growth engine. 

The Plan which aims at supplying 12,000 hydrogen cars by 2030 and constructing of 40 hydrogen filling stations is as a follow-up measure of the Basic Plan for Establishment of the Hydrogen Industry Foundation announced in January.

Daegu City will invest a total of 72 billion won by 2022 with a short-term plan to supply 1,000 hydrogen cars, 20 hydrogen buses, and 4 hydrogen filling stations.

Daegu City Hydrogen Plan

Hydrogen Foundation PlanDaegu citizens can purchase hydrogen cars for around 35 million won. In addition, the city plans to carry out the hydrogen filling station construction business aiming at 40 places from this year until 2030 without any issues.

In order to supply stable hydrogen to the fleet of hydrogen cars, Daegu City is planning on a small-scale hydrogen production facility, instead of long-distance transportation of hydrogen. This production base will be operated as a stationary station that produces extracted hydrogen using the city gas pipeline network and supplies it to the refueling station. Also in consideration is a model for building eco-friendly energy hubs that utilize the surplus hydrogen produced for fuel cell power generation and supply electricity to nearby facilities.

Daegu City Hydrogen Plan 2

Daegu City Innovation and Growth Commissioner Choi Woon-baek said, “The diffusion of hydrogen will contribute to the improvement of atmospheric environment, such as the reduction of fine dust in the region, and the establishment of the base for the hydrogen industry.”


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