South Korea: Gwangju City to Supply 150 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

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March 5, 2019 |

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The city of Gwangju in South Korea recently announced that the first 150 hydrogen fuel cell cars out 346 units would be available for purchase and subsidies starting this month. 

Sout Koreas first hydrogen car sharing program to start in GwangjuCitizens residing in Gwangju City and companies and organizations where business sites are located in Gwangju area are eligible to receive hydrogen electric vehicles.

In particular, for the applicants who purchase hydrogen electric vehicles (including corporations) eligible for subsidies, the government will pay a total of 32.5 million won.

At present, there are 207 hydrogen electric cars in operation in Gwangju City. There are two hydrogen filling stations, Donggok Filling Station and Jinghok Filling Station.

Gwangju City plans to operate eight hydrogen filling stations by 2020.



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