South Korea: S-Fuelcell to Enter Chinese Fuel Cell Market

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June 21, 2019 |

S Fuel Cell in China

S-Fuelcell Co., Ltd. a hydrogen fuel cell system specialist, recently announced that it has signed a joint venture investment agreement with China’s Dalian Hwaseong and Ilshin Energy Co., Ltd. to supply hydrogen fuel cell systems in China.

The joint venture company will build infrastructure to build fuel cells in China starting in July 2019. Full-scale production and sales will begin as early as September 2019.

Dalian Hwaseong and Ilshin Energy Co., Ltd. are specialist in gas production facilities and are in charge of pioneering the domestic market in China.

S-Fuelell Company officials said, “S-Fuelcell is the first company to enter China with a fuel cell system for buildings in Korea.” In the Chinese market where energy demand is high, the cost of building fuel cells is reduced, “We plan to lead in sales and proliferation of fuel cells.”


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