Spain: Reganosa & EDP Renováveis Investment of 780 million in Galicia Includes a 100 MW Electrolysis Hydrogen (H2) Production Plant

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fuelcellsworks, EDP Group Creates Business Units To Exploit Green Hydrogen And Energy Storage

Clean energies generation and storage projects will create more than 7000 direct and indirect jobs in the Ferrolterra region. The goal is to create a green energy hub.

EDP Renováveis and Reganosa, the Galician energy multinational, will invest 780 million euros to make a decisive contribution to the energy transition in Galicia, Spain. This joint investment, which will create more than 7,000 indirect jobs and a total of 400 effective jobs, will be allocated to production and storage projects, aiming to create a true, digital and inclusive clean energy hub in the Ferrolterra region.

The investment includes the construction of an electrolysis hydrogen (H2) production plant, which will reach a capacity of 100 MW. This plant, which will use water from a lake in the region and new sources of renewable energy, will have an annual production capacity of up to 14,400 tons of H2.

An energy storage system, with an installed capacity of 570 MW, will also be created, through a pumping hydroelectric power station with that will use the same lake and a new dam as reservoirs, maximizing the use of renewable energies.

A wind power complex will also be developed, comprising four parks with new generation turbines, totaling more than 270 MW of installed power.

This 780 million investment, whose execution depends on auctions of pending capacity, will give priority to the local population and companies in the hiring of workers and suppliers.

Create a “Green Energy Capital”

In total, close to 1 GW of installed green power is at stake, thus embodying the most ambitious investment made so far in the decarbonization of Galicia’s economy, with the objective of transforming Ferrolterra into a green energy capital. This important step is part of the Agreement for a Just Transition, signed this year in March, between EDP, the Spanish Government and trade unions with the aim of ensuring the maintenance of economic activity and employment in regions where coal-fired power stations are deactivated.

“This initiative shows, once again, the strategic importance that Galicia has had for EDP Renováveis for more than 20 years. It is also a reflection of the positive impact of renewable energies in terms of qualified employment, favoring the economic and social dynamism of the Galician population. This is the most ambitious commitment to this date to decarbonize the economy in Galicia and it is in line with our goal of leading the energy transition. On the other hand, the promotion of Ferrolterra as a green energy capital is in line with the objectives set by both the European Union and the Spanish Government regarding renewable energies. Our commitment to a fair transition is total and we will continue to focus on Galicia as a key territory to implement clean and green energy”, highlights Rocío Sicre, general manager of EDPR Spain.

“Fourteen years ago, we brought gas to Galicia and now, with EDP Renováveis, we are going to bring hydrogen; we are going to participate in the configuration of a new energy ecosystem in our community”, says Reganosa CEO, Emilio Bruquetas. “We are now applying all the knowledge and experience we have acquired over these years in the service of Galicia, to the service of a faster, more solid and fairer socioeconomic recovery. At the same time that we deepened the internationalization undertaken in the last decade, we increased and diversified our activity; we face a new Reganosa, the global energy company of the Galicians”, he adds.


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