Spain: Viscofan Conducts the First Green Hydrogen Tests in Boilers

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Fuel Cells Works, Spain: Viscofan Conducts the First Green Hydrogen Tests in Boilers
  • This project is a pioneer milestone in the usage of green hydrogen as a source of energy in industrial processes. 

Viscofan successfully completed on Thursday the tests conducted in the production plant based in Cáseda (Navarre) to progressively substitute the natural gas used in one of their boilers, using green hydrogen instead.

The goal of the test was the partial substitution of the natural gas for hydrogen. Thanks to a temporal installation of two hydrogen semitrailers, each one with an approximate capacity of 4,000 Nm3 compressed hydrogen at 200 bar, increasing hydrogen flows of 400 Nm3/h were used.

Apart from fulfilling the safety requirements, the performance of the 20 Tn steam boiler (made by Umisa and installed on March of 2021) was tested. Thanks to a reliable supply throughout the duration of the test, the maximum capacity for hydrogen of the boiler (which allows an estimate 50% natural gas and 50% hydrogen) was reached, meaning a hydrogen flow up to 900 Nm3.

This milestone, pioneer in an industrial process, is part of Viscofan’s project of decarbonization and fight against climate change, considered in the Sustainability Action Plan of the Viscofan Group, which expects to reduce by 30% the CO2 per produced kilometer in 2030, regarding the emissions at the beginning of the Plan in 2018.

Since the plan was put to action, Viscofan has invested in Cáseda €4.2 million in the purchase of new co-generation engines and boilers with capacity for the use of green hydrogen as a fuel. The results of the test confirm that Viscofan is ready to use green hydrogen in its facilities. We are furthermore collaborating with different institutions to drive the energetical transition of our sector, where the regulatory framework is yet to be defined, as well as the production assurance and the freight for continuous use of green hydrogen in Spain.

To conduct the tests Viscofan counted on the help of NIPPON GASES (, in charge of the temporary installation, freight and supply of hydrogen; as well as with ELECTROQUÍMICAS DE HERNANI (, responsible of the production of hydrogen coming from renewable sources.

Using hydrogen as fuel allows the reduction of the carbon footprint of combustion processes, as the substation of one natural gas cubic meter prevents the emission of 2.15kg of CO2 to the atmosphere. Therefore, the contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint is immediate. Moreover, this test has entailed savings of up to 5 Tn of CO2, equivalent to more than 2,700 Tn annually.

According to José Antonio Canales, Viscofan Group’s CEO, “This tests, pioneers in the utilization of green hydrogen in an industrial process mark a milestone in the sector. Thank to the results obtained, it’s proven that the use of green hydrogen in our facilities is possible, confirming our bet on this energetic vector in the process of energetic transition and decarbonization of economy. However, the challenge of green hydrogen production and constant freight to our facilities is yet to be solved.”


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