Spain: Zeppelin Project Investigates Innovative Technologies for the Production of Green Hydrogen From Waste and By-Products

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Fuel Cells Works, Spain: Zeppelin Project Investigates Innovative Technologies for the Production of Green Hydrogen From Waste and By-Products


  • José Ignacio Landaluce highlights that with the Zeppelin project to search for H2 generation technologies, “part of the future of energy production begins in Algeciras”
  • Juan Lozano considers that the economic boost and employment will be promoted

Zeppelin project investigates innovative technologies to produce green hydrogen from waste and by-products.

Spain has the necessary ingredients to become a technological hub linked to renewable hydrogen.

That is the message that the Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, has launched after the presentation in Algeciras of the Zeppelin project , which investigates innovative technologies for the production of green hydrogen from waste and by-products.

Pedro Fernández explained during the event that:

This initiative is a good example of the joint efforts of public entities and private organizations to respond to urgent challenges, such as decarbonizing our economy and seeking energy self-sufficiency, and all under the principles of the circular economy.

These objectives, he added, “have been decisive in obtaining the financing of the project from the Ministry of Science and Innovation”, within the Recovery Plan financed with European funds.

“To realize the potential of hydrogen for decarbonizing industry, transport, power generation and buildings, investment, regulations, market creation and research and innovation are required and that is what we are doing here today”, he highlighted.

The delegate has remarked that “the quantity and quality of the renewable resources that Spain has given it a competitive advantage in the incipient development of renewable hydrogen”, which will allow it, he has predicted, “to become an international technology hub ”.

The Government approved last February the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (Perte) of renewable energies, renewable hydrogen, and storage, which will mobilize an investment of more than 16,300 million euros.

On the other hand, Fernández has also congratulated the CDTI, dependent on the Ministry of Science and Innovation, for the “magnificent work” that it is carrying out specifically in this matter under the protection of the Next Generation Funds of the EU.

More than 500 companies agreed to this extraordinary call for aid, in July 2021, and it was resolved in November with 228 projects accepted to receive state subsidies of more than 122 million euros, plus the 61 million paid by the applicants.

José Ignacio Landaluce, The Mayor of Algeciras said during the presentation:

Part of the future of energy production begins in Algeciras.

The councilor highlighted the innovative nature of the project led by Aqualia , Emalgesa’s technological partner, with a 49% stake in the joint management company for the Algeciras Municipal Water Service.

Landaluce stressed that “it is essential that we go further, that we be more ambitious with the goal of sustainability and explore new technologies that allow us to recover waste for the production of green hydrogen in a true circular economy development”.

“Algeciras is going to be a participant in this transformation with its 2030 urban agenda, with its participation in the Mayors’ Agreement for climate and sustainable energy, and with all the measures that we are implementing for energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and reduction of the water footprint by working on the largest investment in hydraulic infrastructure in our democracy with projects from all administrations that exceed 30 million euros”, the mayor also declared.

For his part, the president of the Association of Municipalities of Campo de Gibraltar, Juan Lozano, has shown himself “convinced” that the development of green hydrogen promoted by the research project presented by Aqualia, which will have one of its central axes in the Algeciras treatment plant, will mean “an economic and employment boost “.



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