Suape Is Considering Collaborating on a Green Hydrogen Production Project With Copergás and Qair

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Fuel Cells Works, Suape Is Considering Collaborating on a Green Hydrogen Production Project With Copergás and Qair

​The director of Environment and Sustainability of the Port of Suape, Carlos André Cavalcanti, participated in a meeting with the director of the Pernambuco Gas Company (Copergás), Fabrício Bomtempo; and Qair Brasil’s Director of Operations, Gustavo Silva, to discuss a partnership that will allow Suape to produce green hydrogen in the state.

The product would be delivered to Copergás’ industrial customers in the region of Ipojuca, one of the eight municipalities surrounding the port complex, via the company’s distribution network.

At the meeting, they decided to prepare a memorandum of understanding between the three companies to analyze the project’s feasibility. “We recognize that green hydrogen is an energy alternative that will become viable in the coming years, and we have every interest, as part of our commitment to the environment and sustainability, in promoting the production of gas from renewable sources and demonstrating the potential of Pernambuco to attract new investments,” pointed Fabrício Bomtempo. Following the signing of the memorandum, a new meeting will be held to kick off the studies.

“The establishment and formalization of this three-way partnership are critical for developing the Suape Industrial Port Complex’s green hydrogen production chain,” stated Carlos Cavalcanti.

“Through that, we intend to deepen our studies of future market economic viability, aiming at structuring production scales, storage, and progressive distribution via Copergás’ pipeline network inside the port complex. Our idea is to start with a single small-scale production unit,” added him.

Qair Brasil is a subsidiary of the French multinational corporation Qair International, which has projects in 17 countries focusing on sustainable development and energy transition. The Brazilian subsidiary is prominent in the group’s structure because it is at the forefront of green hydrogen projects.

Qair already has a large project in the Port of Suape in Pernambuco, where the group’s investment could reach R$ 20 billion. The planned capacity is 2,240 MW, with an annual output of 488 thousand tons. Qair will install the project over two areas totaling approximately 110 hectares.

“The final configuration of each project will be defined by the results and conclusions of the ongoing feasibility studies,” according to Qair Brasil information material, which sees the country as having the potential to become “one of the main global players” in the manufacture of green hydrogen.

See below for a comparison of exports and imports at the Port of Suape in the period between January 2020 to January 2022. The data are from DataLiner.

Source: DataLiner (click here to request a demo)


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