Successful First Demonstration of a Hydrogen Bus in Kärnten

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Carinthia Fuel Cell Bus Testing 1

Klagenfurt (LPD)-As part of the country’s Hydrogen Initiative, the first public demonstration tour of a purely hydrogen-powered bus took place today in public transport. 

Every half hour, interested visitors could experience the future of mobility in Klagenfurt city center and inform themselves about the topic of hydrogen mobility with experts present. “I am pleased that we have succeeded together in bringing the most modern hydrogen bus in Austria to a public demonstration drive to Carinthia.” Environmental and climate protection are among the most important tasks of our time, which we have to tackle especially in traffic Drive technologies and force sustainable propulsion and energy forms, “said the mobility Councilor Sebastian Schuschnig today at the premiere of the test drive.

“With today’s demonstration drive, we want to make the benefits of hydrogen in Carinthia tangible for people and to show which technologies will determine the future of mobility,” says Schuschnig. “Through this test drive, we also want to find out about the potential of hydrogen mobility in public transport in cities, so we continue to provide impetus to promote environmental protection in the transport sector and to test new technologies together with the people in the field put more emphasis on new and clean propulsion technologies in public transport in Carinthia, “said Schuschnig.

The demonstration trip was carried out jointly with ÖBB Postbus GmbH, the Carinthian Transport Association, the state capital Klagenfurt and the municipal mobility company. “I would like to thank all the partners who made this show case possible together, which shows that everyone is pulling together when it comes to climate protection in the field of mobility,” says Schuschnig.

Carinthia Fuel Cell Bus Testing 2

LR Sebastian Schuschnig Test Driving the Hydrogen Bus Phtos: Helge Bauer

With this test operation, Carinthia is taking the next step to becoming a hydrogen model region. Hydrogen fuel cells, in which the reverse electrolysis occurs, generate power during vehicle operation. Thanks to its energy density and light weight, sustainably sourced hydrogen can become a clean energy storage device for vehicles, helping to cover distances of a few hundred kilometers. They are therefore perfect when there is a need to ensure a long range. Refueling with hydrogen takes a short time, is comfortable and hardly different from petrol refueling. Schuschnig is convinced that hydrogen mobility and electromobility will together determine the future of transport: “In the future, there will be a mix of propulsion to have optimal solutions for the application. Especially in public transport, hydrogen technology could positively accelerate the reduction of CO2 and significantly contribute to climate protection. The water-rich country of Carinthia also offers the best conditions for producing green hydrogen from renewable resources. “

It is therefore planned to produce a scientific study on the part of the province of Carinthia in order to find out the chances of using hydrogen mobility in Carinthia. “The aim is for hydrogen mobility to be taken into account in all technology decisions by transport companies in the future,” says Schuschnig.

The managing director of Postbus GmbH Kaupa-Götzl confirms that hydrogen technology is today already possible for use in the transport sector: “So far the technology has proven to work and both drivers and passengers like hydrogen buses Postbus will make a contribution to ensuring that our planet remains liveable for future generations.To introduce it to regular operations, we need test facilities with strong partners such as here in Carinthia.We are always ready to implement further concrete projects, “says Silvia Kaupa- Götzl.

Among the participants today was the renowned non-university research institution HyCentA of Graz University of Technology with the leading expert for hydrogen, Alexander Trattner: “Hydrogen fuel cell buses have reached a high level of technical maturity and allow flexibility and range in public transport such as diesel buses with double efficiency and zero emission.” Hydrogen is an unlimited, safe and efficient source of energy that can be produced from a variety of renewable sources Hydrogen not only offers the prospect of a healthy and liveable environment for future generations, but also the economic opportunity for innovative know-how and research and technology leadership. “

Not only the transport sector, but also Carinthia’s economy and industry would benefit from the necessary energy transition and the use of green hydrogen. “By using hydrogen, they can create green jobs and generate added value in the country,” says Schuschnig. 

Infobox to the hydrogen bus

“Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen”:

• Fuel cell with 60kW 
• Range of a tank load approx. 500 – 600km 
• Passenger capacity: 87 passengers 
• Hydrogen tank capacity : 5 x 312

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