Sunfire presents Reversible Electrolysis at COP22
Sunfire presents Reversible Electrolysis at COP22
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, November 17, 2016

Sunfire, developer of highly efficient electrolysis and fuel cell solutions, at the COP22 presents technologies for the global energy system of the future.

Invited by the United Nations, the Dresden-based company Sunfire can electrify applications such as long distance traffic and aviation with electricity based fuels that cannot be directly provided with green electricity.

This is founded on Sunfire’s reversible electrolysis (RSOC). Thus, worldwide climate goals are sustainable protected. 

At the “1. Low-Emissions Solutions Conference” 500 governmental officials, scientists and engineers from 196 countries by the set of UNFCC parties, will be expected. “With hydrogen and in future syngas by co-electrolysis, RSOC provided the components of electric power, that nowadays will be acquired by fossil natural gas, to supply the refinery and chemistry infrastructure”, says Sunfire CTO Christian von Olshausen.

“We will prove that it is possible to connect the electricity grid with the chemistry and the fuel infrastructure in a sustainable way.”