Sustainable Innovations receives NSF project for commercialisation of H2Pump technology
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 13, 2015

US electrochemical solutions provider Sustainable Innovations has been selected for a project to advance the integration of recently acquired H2Pump technology for purification of hydrogen in the metals industry.

The project, supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) will explore ways to integrate H2Pump technology into Sustainable Innovations' H2RENEW hydrogen purification product.

The project has been selected under the NSF Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships Program.

"This technology validation activity will allow test results to be reviewed before H2RENEW is introduced to the metals market."

During the project, Sustainable Innovations will explore the development of a product line by evaluating specific feed chemistries in metals heat treating industry.

The product line will demonstrate system up-time in a metals heat treating environment as well as evaluate system performance and reliability.

Sustainable Innovations president and CEO Trent Molter said: "This technology validation activity will allow commercialisation partners, investors and customers to review test results before H2RENEW is introduced to the metals market.

"Sustainable Innovations will leverage this programme to complete an equity financing, finalise the design and development of a commercial product configuration, and create an in-service-evaluation programme in which initial products will be fielded with early adopters."

The project is expected to place the company as a device developer among its customers.

Sustainable Innovations develops and manufactures low-cost hydrogen recycling solutions for the heat treat industry with an aim of solving issues such as the supply of hydrogen, logistics, and the reduction of furnace emissions.

Last March, the company acquired its rival H2Pump, which specialises in the recovery and reuse of industrial waste hydrogen.

The acquisition was expected to enhance the ability of Sustainable Innovations to introduce a hydrogen recycling product to the growing industrial hydrogen supply market.