Sweden: Oazer AB Opens Hydrogen Fueling Station in Vasterslatt in Umea

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Oazer hydrogen station

Thanks to Oazer, Northern Sweden now has its first hydrogen fueling station for hydrogen fuel cell cars and the station is about a new technology that is a small, flexible and scalable solution.

The new station is now in service at Västerslätt in Umeå. The station is presently being used by the contracting company Svevia, and because of this station can now run its two hydrogen-fueled fuel cell cars in the Umeå region.

 Mats Granberg from Svevia said, “We want to make a difference for the future and build and manage roads and infrastructure in a way that is modern and long-term sustainable. Reducing our environmental impact is one of our sustainability goals and a great challenge for the entire industry. The technology with hydrogen-fueled fuel cell vehicles is interesting because they provide zero emissions.”

The gas station’s innovative solution means that the hydrogen gas is produced in place instead of being transported to the station. This in turn means safer and more environmentally friendly handling.

Mikael Lindblad, business developer at Oazer said, ” Our concept means reduced threshold costs and makes it possible to invest in fuel cell vehicles even on a small scale. We are convinced that this is the solution that makes it possible to propagate fossil-free transport. ”

A fuel cell car is basically an electric car, but when it is powered by hydrogen, the cleanest battery’s largest limitation is cured: the range. In cold climates, it also has many more advantages, such as good interior heating without affecting the reach.

“Our ambition is to be able to scale up and build larger stations. Although larger stations in our world are relative. With our concept, we can build more stations for the same investment cost as a large, stationary station. Which makes it easier for smaller towns and companies to invest in zero emission with hydrogen, says Mikael Lindblad and concludes: “With our solution we instill future jumps and make zero emissions possible for more people”

Oazer Station 4

Boh Westerlund, founder, and Mikael Lindblad, business developer, Oazer. Photographer: Fredrik Larsson

Behind Oazer AB is Mikael Lindblad and the founder Boh Westerlund. It is Boh Westerlund who is behind the development of the new filling station solution.


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