Sweden’s largest hydrogen fuelling station opened
Sweden’s largest hydrogen fuelling station opened
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 21, 2015

Fuel-cell cars will run on renewable hydrogen supplied by AGA

Munich/Lidingö–Sweden’s largest and Stockholm’s first hydrogen fuelling station for fuel-cell cars was opened in Arlanda yesterday by Bo Dyrvold, CEO of AGA, the Swedish subsidiary of The Linde Group. At the opening ceremony Christian Norberg, Acting Managing Director of Hyundai in Sweden, and Xavier Heylen, Managing Director at Toyota Sverige AB, talked about each company’s focus on fuel-cell cars.

“Hydrogen in connection with fuel-cell technology now has a solid track record,” says Bo Dyrvold, responsible for Linde’s gases business in Northern Europe. “This hydrogen fuelling station in connection with Hyundai’s and Toyota’s fuel-cell cars offers the possibility to drive completely emission-free. It is very positive for us to be contributing to taking yet another step towards a more sustainable society.”

The new hydrogen fuelling station in the vicinity of Stockholm’s airport has a capacity of 180 fillings with a pressure of 700 bars per day. It takes only three minutes to fill the car up and the range is approximately 500 kilometres on a full hydrogen tank. Fuel-cell cars run on hydrogen converted to electricity and emit only water vapour. The hydrogen comes from AGA’s facility in Sandviken, where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen with green electricity in an electrolyser.

“Hyundai has been developing hydrogen cars since 1998 and the ix35 FCEV has been mass-produced since 2013. Globally, we have an annual production capacity of approximately 10,000 fuel-cell vehicles,” says Christian Norberg, Acting Managing Director of Hyundai Bilar AB in Sweden. “It is gratifying that we now have a centrally located hydrogen fuelling station to kick-start the market, even in Stockholm. But as is the case with all new technologies, the assistance of government agencies is important in the initial stages, so that the technology is able to penetrate the market.”

“At Toyota we are convinced that the fuel-cell technology is the environmentally friendly competitor of fossil fuel driven cars,” says Xavier Heylen, Managing Director at Toyota Sverige AB. “If we want to create a society with low fossil carbon dioxide emissions and zero emissions of exhausts, hydrogen and fuel cells are the answer.”

The hydrogen fuelling station is supported by the EU via the HIT-2 project (Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport). The Linde Group, which AGA is a part of, is a world leader in hydrogen technology. Having set up approximately 100 hydrogen fuelling stations in 15 countries and having successfully completed over one million refuelling operations, Linde is leading the way in hydrogen infrastructure development.

Main image: First refuelling at new Linde-built hydrogen station near Stockholm, Sweden