Swiss Food Logistic Company Cavegn AG Becomes Member of H2 Mobility Switzerland

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The hydrogen-electric truck comes to Switzerland

Hydrogen-electro-mobility is one of the realistic alternatives with which goods can be transported economically and yet without emissions. 

With this conviction, Chr. Cavegn AG, the latest member of  H2 Mobility Switzerland, is committed to the timely introduction of this technology in Switzerland, thus underlining the commitment with which the company has lived and maintained sustainability in the transport sector for more than 100 years.

Landquart – Despite all global efforts to curb climate change, fossil fuel still dominates the world of transportation. Hydrogen fuel cell technology has become a realistic alternative. “For more than 100 years and for 4 generations, sustainability has been a central value of our company – in every sense,” say CEO Christian Cavegn and COO Severin Cavegn. One shortcoming is the lack of a nationwide network of filling stations. The H2 Mobility Switzerland is set to work in this effort and has set itself the goal of establishing a similar network in Switzerland.

An area-wide network can only be operated economically with the corresponding demand. What came first: The chicken or the egg – gas station or mobility?

For understandable reasons, transport companies such as Christian Cavegn AG have a high demand for fuel. With their support, the demand for hydrogen should be boosted. This in turn promotes the development of a nationwide network of hydrogen refueling stations. Again Christian and Severin Cavegn: “With the membership in H2 Mobility Switzerland, we underline our willingness to invest in this technology and use it within our capabilities.”

In hydrogen-electric technology, fuel cells in the vehicle convert hydrogen into electricity, which in turn drives an electric motor. The most important advantages: Refueling in a few minutes, still electric drive, only water vapor emissions, a comparable range and the same performance as a diesel truck.

Christian Cavegn AG, founded in 1916, is one of Switzerland’s top 3 companies in refrigerated and frozen food transport with more than 1 million orders per year. Of the 9 platforms spread throughout the country, 270 lorries of the company are rolling on the Swiss roads every day – hopefully without CO 2emissions soon.

Source: H2 Mobility Switzerland

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