Switzerland AVIA Opens New Large Truck Hydrogen Filling Station in St. Gallen

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Fuel Cells Works, Switzerland AVIA Opens New Large Truck Hydrogen Filling Station in St. Gallen

Osterwalder St. Gallen AG, a member of the AVIA association, opens the first large truck hydrogen filling station at Schlachthofstrasse 12 in St. Gallen. 

As a result, two fuel cell trucks can refuel at the same time for the first time. The location offers a perfect opportunity to serve the surrounding logisticians with green hydrogen. At the same time, it relieves the AVIA hydrogen filling station at Oberstrasse 141 in St. Gallen, which will thus provide more capacity for the fuel cell cars and will be able to start permanent operation of the hydrogen-powered electric fast charging station kvyreen (for BEVs) from April 2022.

Good news for everyone who is traveling with hydrogen in Eastern Switzerland. Less than two years after the historical opening of the world’s first AVIA hydrogen filling station, Osterwalder St. Gallen AG is responding to the high demand and putting the first large truck hydrogen filling station into operation.

Martin Osterwalder, CO-CEO of the Osterwalder Group: “With the new hydrogen filling station for trucks, we not only show our commitment to this clean form of electromobility. We also meet a real need. The surrounding transport companies and retailers cover up to 600 km a day with their hydrogen trucks and therefore have to refuel once or twice a day. This brought our hydrogen filling station at Oberstrasse 141 to the limits of its capacity.”

The local retailers didn’t need to be asked twice during the official opening on March 23: SPAR, Coop and Migros were the first to arrive at the new filling station with their heavy 36-ton trailers. On the very first day, they benefited from the opportunity to refuel two heavy fuel cell trucks at the same time with 350 bar.

Beat Hirschi, CEO of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG, also underscores the importance of this new truck hydrogen filling station in St. Gallen: “There are currently 47 heavy fuel cell trucks on the road in Switzerland, which have exceeded the 3 million kilometer mark in just under 18 months . This has already saved us more than 2,500 tons of CO 2 emissions. This is a success, but it also places high demands on the supply. We appreciate all the more that AVIA is setting the right example with the new truck hydrogen filling station.”

With the AVIA brand, Osterwalder St. Gallen AG sets one milestone after the other…

With the new filling station, Osterwalder St. Gallen AG is taking the next important step in realizing the environmentally friendly and clean H2 ecosystem locally, in the smallest geographical area.

 A commitment that continues. Martin Osterwalder again: “With the new filling station, we are also increasing the availability of green hydrogen at Oberstrasse 141. This will enable us to better serve the growing number of customers with fuel cell cars in the future. In addition, it enables the commissioning of the hydrogen-powered electric fast charging station kvyreen. We are also pioneers here and offer customers with battery electric cars the opportunity to charge their vehicle with 100% ecological, CO 2 -free electricity – via solar cells or green hydrogen. And we will set the next big milestone this summer with the start of local hydrogen production in the Kubel, in cooperation with the St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG, the SAK.”

Jörg Ackermann, President of the H2 Mobility Switzerland association, doubles down: “A hydrogen ecological cycle is currently being created in eastern Switzerland that couldn’t be more perfect. We can be proud of the actors who are committed to this sustainable form of mobility. Whereby I do not only see the advantage for the environment and the climate with sustainable. Here, sustainable also stands for far-sighted, for the early setting of the course with which the players build their economic platform of the future – from the provision of green hydrogen to the filling stations to the transporters and logisticians. That’s more than brave. It is also an important step into the future from an entrepreneurial and economic point of view.”

The hydrogen filling station network in Switzerland continues to grow

While AVIA is already opening the second hydrogen filling station in Eastern Switzerland, the filling station network will also be growing throughout Switzerland in the coming months. The new H2 filling station in Frenkendorf (BL) has been in test operation since the beginning of March. Preparations in Chur (GR) and other locations are also in full swing. In addition, AVIA is preparing a project in Central Switzerland that – as in St. Gallen – maps the entire H2 ecological cycle in the smallest geographical area.

Patrick Staubli, Managing Director of the AVIA Association“With over 500 locations, the AVIA members offer the largest petrol station network in Switzerland. They therefore play an important role in the supply of fuel. This also applies to further development. AVIA members invest in the future as pioneers, with a clear focus on hydrogen mobility. In doing so, they are increasingly turning into energy service providers and players who offer the entire hydrogen eco-cycle, from production to the filling station. From the point of view of the AVIA association, this is a sensible way to promote local, climate-friendly mobility with green hydrogen, which is produced without CO₂ emissions on the basis of renewable energies.”


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