Switzerland: Hydrogen Station Opens in Rümlang

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Hydrogen (H 2 ) is the future-oriented fuel for sustainable electric mobility with short refueling times and a long range. From now on, cars and commercial vehicles can obtain green hydrogen produced in Switzerland at the first commercial hydrogen filling station in the canton of Zurich.

The hydrogen filling station is located on the LARAG AG site at Riedgrabenstrasse 26 in Rümlang and is a pioneering step in the field of electromobility for AVIA and Osterwalder Zürich AG. With the opening of the first hydrogen filling station in the canton of Zurich, the most important Swiss economic axis east-west will be further developed.

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With the commissioning of the first commercial hydrogen filling station in the canton of Zurich, the Avia Association and its member company – Osterwalder Zürich AG – are setting an important example in this area.

With the increasing availability of green hydrogen at Swiss filling stations, hydrogen electromobility is becoming a real alternative for reducing CO 2 emissions in road traffic – and not only for commercial vehicles, but also for passenger transport.

Patrick Staubli, Managing Director of Avia Vereinigung: “As a founding member of the H2 Mobility Switzerland association, the Avia Vereinigung is convinced that hydrogen will play a key role as an energy source for mobility in the future. With our member companies we are in the process of expanding the geographical network of hydrogen filling stations. Further projects are being planned, because green hydrogen is the way to independent and ecological electric mobility. ”

Pioneering fuel with advantages
The name says it all: Hydrogen is produced electrolytically from water. It is important for Avia that only sustainably produced hydrogen is offered at the filling station in Rümlang. To this end, it works closely with H2 Energy AG.

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These hydrogen experts see themselves as business innovators for renewable energies and produce hydrogen with sustainably produced electricity through their participation in Hydrospider AG directly at a Swiss river power plant in order to then deliver it to the filling stations via short transport routes.

Pure water vapor is produced when driving.
Background: A hydrogen-powered car is an electric car that does not store electrical energy in batteries, but generates it itself using a fuel cell in the vehicle. This is because hydrogen reacts with oxygen in the fuel cell and thus generates electrical energy to drive the electric motor.

When driving, only water vapor is produced and therefore no harmful emissions are emitted. Refueling is just as easy, quick and safe as with conventional vehicles that run on diesel or petrol.

As a rule, a hydrogen car has a range of up to 700 kilometers – which is absolutely comparable to vehicles with a classic combustion engine. The practical test shows that one tank of fuel is enough for an average of 600 kilometers.

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