Sylven Fuel Cell Technology at the Heart of Project REFLEX
Sylven Fuel Cell Technology at the Heart of Project REFLEX
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, February 05, 2018

The European project REFLEX coordinated by CEA-Liten, aims to demonstrate the integration of technology reversible solid oxide cells (RSoC) in clean energy storage system and cogeneration: the Smart Energy Hub. The demonstrator, which will combine three modules in 2019 of more than 100kW total power electrolysis will store the energy created locally by renewable solar and mini-hydro power available at the ENVIPARK in Turin. 

First reason for success: facing competition from other consortia involving top-level partners, it is our project, mainly based on the SYLFEN  technology developed by CEA, which was retained by the authorities European Union as part of the call to 2017 projects H2020 program for hydrogen and fuel cells (FCH-JU)

Second reason for success : we now have a contractual framework that will allow us to build on leading technology partners, but also to more easily deploy our development activities in several countries of the European Union: in addition Envipark Turin, Italy, the project combines industrial and research laboratories in Spain, Denmark, Finland and Estonia!

Specifically, the Smart Energy Hub installed in Turin demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology and flexibility in dynamic operation. It will move laboratory level technology to a functional demonstrator under real conditions of use, and serve as operational base to validate the economic performance of the technology and meet different target markets in Europe and beyond.