Symbio Announces an Order for 50 Kangoo ZE H2 Vehicles for ENGIE Cofely
Symbio Announces an Order for 50 Kangoo ZE H2 Vehicles for ENGIE Cofely
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, May 11, 2017
  • ENGIE Cofely becomes the first company to equip itself with a fleet of electric-hydrogen utility vehicles of this magnitude in France.

Paris - Symbio, the European leader in hydrogen mobility solutions, announces the order for a fleet of 50 electric utility vehicles - hydrogen Kangoo ZE H2 by ENGIE Cofely. Equipped with Symbio's hydrogen autonomy extension, they will be used for ENGIE Cofely operations in the Paris region. These zero-emission long-range electric vehicles will thus contribute to improving air quality in Ile-de-France while guaranteeing the autonomy and availability required to service ENGIE Cofely customers. With this first large-scale deployment, Symbio is demonstrating its ability to meet the economic, industrial and environmental expectations of one of the largest commercial vehicle users in Europe.

In line with the ambition of the Group to lead the energy transition, the acquisition of this fleet of vehicles contributes to the improvement of air quality, an important stake for the City of Paris and the Region Ile -of France. This precursor choice also meets the economic and operational constraints of ENGIE Cofely, factors that have been measured compared to conventional solutions.

ENGIE Cofely, a subsidiary of ENGIE, chose Symbio's fleet of long-range, zero-emission electric vehicles for its activities in Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine). A hydrogen recharge station will thus be opened on the ENGIE Cofely site in Gennevilliers. This new station will be deployed by GNVert, the green mobility operator of the ENGIE Group and leader in the distribution of NGV for nearly 20 years. It will also be accessible to all professionals wishing to enter the zero emission path. The hydrogen used to recharge these vehicles will be produced from 100% renewable electricity supplied by the ENGIE Group. Symbio and ENGIE Cofely jointly deploy their expertise to develop a value chain and act in favor of the energy transition.

"We are seeing real awareness among companies of the need to adopt eco-responsible vehicles. By investing in electric-hydrogen mobility, ENGIE Cofely is contributing to the improvement of air quality in the agglomerations while improving efficiency - Symbio vehicles respond perfectly to the specificities of travel by professionals - and in economic performance "Said Fabio Ferrari, President and Founder of Symbio, adding," The fact that one of the biggest users of commercial vehicles makes this choice is a clear signal for all fleet managers and for all transport and mobility. "

Jean-Pierre Moneger, CEO of ENGIE Cofely said: "This solution perfectly meets the operating criteria of our fleet of vehicles and enables ENGIE Cofely to reinforce its commitment to green mobility. We are very proud to add to the quality of our customer services, the improvement of the air quality of their environment.