Symbio unveils H2Motiv L, simply Power and Zero-Emission
Symbio unveils H2Motiv L, simply Power and Zero-Emission
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, June 20, 2018

As van, heavy-duty vehicle and bus manufacturers finally convert to zero emission and switch to electric power, Symbio has launched a hydrogen kit that allows these vehicles to go even further: In brief, H2Motiv L allows vehicles to optimise the performance of existing battery-operated vehicles.

An electricity supply boom for urban services. Faced with the major challenge of improving today’s air quality, vehicles which frequently travel in cities, such as vans, heavy-duty vehicles (refuse collection vehicles, washers, etc.) and buses, are left with no choice. Just like the smaller vehicles, they are at the forefront of a revolution and are gradually converting to Zero Emission. Several launches of battery powered vehicles of this type have been made or announced in recent months and as such, trials are only multiplying in number (Rennes, Orléans, Brussels, etc.). It is essential to note that in Europe alone, air pollution kills approximately 500,000 people each year, including 48,000 in France (Public Health Study in France, 2016). This is a country where the limit values on PM10 fine particle matter and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions are often exceeded and included among the six particles referred to in a complaint sent from the European Commission to the Court of Justice, filed in early May.

H2Motiv L aims to optimise these new battery powered vehicles. For manufacturers, this conversion to zero emission presents daunting challenges. From a user’s perspective, it is particularly important to optimise recharging time as well as battery  life in all seasons, in addition to the volume and  payload of the vehicles. Objective: for drivers to minimise the organisational impact resulting from use (e.g. numberof revs, passengers).

Thanks to its forefront expertise and successful track record in the industrialisation of hydrogen range extenders, Symbio has designed H2Motiv K (visuals and specifications in the annex), a new generation hydrogen kit that addresses these challenges. Based on a 40 kW hydrogen fuel cell designed to fit into vans, heavy-duty vehicles, buses, as well as SUVs i.e. for taxi usage, H2Motiv L provides these vehicles with major economic advantages:

  • A hydrogen fuel cell that recharges in about 10 minutes
  • Battery life that is three times greater compared to its equivalent, regardless of the season (or use of heating).
  • Low impact on the loading weight and volume due in particular to the compactness of the kit, which makes the vehicle similar to a classic combustion powered model.
  • A similar use to that of a conventional vehicle thanks to the battery’s power (40 kW) - as a reminder, a 5-seater combustion powered car speeding at 130 km/h consumes 35kW on the motorway.


A quick market entry for H2Motiv L. Beyond these benefits, the new Symbio kit has been especially adapted to address the challenges of manufacturers who wish to position themselves in the zeroemission mobility market, in terms of:


  • The hydrogen fuel cell meets the highest standards of an automobile (durability, shock resistance, vibration, hot or cold weather etc.)
  • Auxiliary functions are optimised which are decisive

Integration into the existing battery or hybrid powered vehicles

  • H2Motiv L is quickly installed (6 months maximum) because the system (hydrogen fuel cell and auxiliary functions) is pre-integrated
  • It is ultra-compact and easily

Related services

  • Symbio has the ability to support the manufacturer’s service providers upon the arrival of vehicles equipped with hydrogen systems as well as train its sales teams.
  • Its digital platform enables customer-specific services and reduces maintenance costs. Additionally, after-sales teams can perform remote diagnostics and updates as well as implement predictive maintenance strategies.

With this new offer, Symbio reaffirms its position as a new generation equipment supplier committed to developing zero emission mobility.

About Symbio
A new generation of parts manufacturer, Symbio designs hydrogen fuel cell kits that can be incorporated into various different types of electric vehicles (utility vehicles, vans, buses, heavy-goods vehicles, boats, etc.) and are associated with a range of digital services (vehicle repairs, remote fleet management, etc.). Once equipped in this way, these vehicles provide enhanced ease of use (full in three minutes, autonomy twice that of their battery equivalents, etc.) while remaining “zero emissions”. There are several hundred of these vehicles – for the most part, light utility vehicles such as the Kangoo ZE H2) – on the roads in France and across Europe. Founded in 2010, the CEA, ENGIE and Michelin all own a stake in Symbio