Tasmanian Hydrogen Plan: Good for Tasmania and Good for the Planet

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March 3, 2020 |

Australia Hydrogen

The Australia Institute welcomes the Tasmanian Government’s announcement to invest into the hydrogen industry.

‘Green’ hydrogen is produced by splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen through a process of electrolysis.

“Hydrogen has been touted as a renewable energy source, but that is only true if the energy used to create it in the first place is not a fossil fuel like coal or gas,” said Leanne Minshull, Director of the Australia Institute Tasmania

“Tasmania already has almost 100% renewable energy, with more wind and solar projects ready to come online. It’s great to see the Tasmanian Government backing our renewable energy sector by investing in this emerging industry.

“Green hydrogen energy could not only see Tasmanians benefit but the industry as a whole, as more investment into the technology will help drive down electrolyzer costs and supply chain logistics.”


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