Hydrogen Education: The 2021-2022 H2GP Season Reaches Its Climax

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Fuel Cells Works, The 2021-2022 H2GP Season Reaches Its Climax

The 2021-2022 H2GP season has been nothing less than sensational.  Despite Covid-19 and a number of students graduating from high school students, teachers, and the whole Horizon Educational team rallied, and in so doing pulled off the best H2GP season so far. Now we are less than a week away from the H2GP World Finals which will be held in Assen, Netherlands on 06.04.2022!

This year’s world finals promise to offer a few surprises given the crop of teams that will be competing. While the competition has been stiff in California, another country that has seen its fair share of rivalry was Germany where at least one team crafted a highly reliable FCEV and secured a spot at the world finals.

The level of skill this H2GP season has also been impressive. One team at the SoCal Regional match in California tried to enter a car that had been built out of wood (pictured below), which made it a noteworthy attempted entry (sadly it had to be disqualified since the use of wood on the exterior of a vehicle goes against the regulations set forth in the H2GP rulebook).

SecondImage 1

For those who will be in the Netherlands this coming Saturday be sure to reach out to [email protected] to inquire about tickets to attend the world finals, or to send a letter of congratulations to the competing teams. Your correspondent is heading to the Netherlands this week to report on the world finals, which will likely be the best race of the 2021-2022 H2GP season. Be sure to stay tuned for further updates!

Below is the official list of the teams that qualified to the H2GP World Finals.

Fuel Cells Works, The 2021-2022 H2GP Season Reaches Its Climax


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