The California Fuel Cell Revolution

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CaFCP Milestones
  • California Fuel Cell Partnership issues its 2019 report on it journey of the California Fuel Cell Revolution

Twenty years ago, the California Fuel Cell Partnership started with a question: can we successfully replace gasoline with hydrogen as a transportation fuel?

Bill Elrick

Bill Elrick Executive Director CaFCP

No single company or government entity could answer that alone. To move forward, we needed our best scientists, engineers, policy experts, and consumer specialists at the same table.

What transpired over the following two decades was an unprecedented collaboration among leaders in government and industry—even market competitors. This spirit of partnership, driven by a shared mission and hard-earned trust, is the very foundation of the growing fuel cell market we have today.

Thousands of fuel cell cars are on California roads, and drivers can refuel and travel across most of the state. Fuel cell buses have exceeded lifetime and performance expectations, transforming public transit opportunities. The technology for all hydrogen fuel cell vehicle types continues to improve.

So the answer today is a resounding yes—hydrogen can replace gasoline and diesel in California, and fuel cell vehicles can thrive in a retail environment. A new era of clean, carbon-free transportation is underway.

Now is the time to harness this momentum as we take on a new challenge: how to scale the hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle market so that all Californians will benefit. Ultimately, millions of drivers and riders will have everyday access to affordable, renewable hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles; businesses providing these products and services will create sustainable profits and jobs; and all Californians will breathe cleaner air as a result.

Reaching this vision will again hinge on a common purpose, collective vigor, and shared actions. The California Fuel Cell Partnership is committed to accelerating progress and establishing a better reality for this generation, and the next. This is our vision and pathway for revolutionary change.

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