The First Commercial Hydrogen Power Plant to Open in Japan Will Be Near Mount Fuji

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According to Nikkei press the independent power company eRex will build Japan’s first commercial hydrogen power station in 2022 and which will initially provide zero-emission energy to about 100 households.

According to Nikkei Asia, the eRex hydrogen factory, which will be located in the Yamanashi Prefecture town of Fujiyoshida, will generate around 360 kilowatts of electricity. The Nikkei added that corporate consumers of renewable energy are also a target market for eRex.

It will buy hydrogen from Hydrogen Technology, a Tokyo-based startup that manufactures the gas without emitting any fuel.

The Nikkei reported that, despite Hydrogen Technology’s manufacturing cost of 784 yen ($7.25) per kilogramme, the company expects to market the gas to eRex at a loss that it claims would be largely offset by volume sales.

Future plans by eRex include building a large-scale power plant capable of generating between 50,000 and 100,000 kilowatts of energy, lowering electricity generation costs from about 58 yen per kilowatt-hour to 17 yen or less. “We want to reduce expenses by 2024,” eRex president Hitoshi Honna told Nikkei.

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