The First Hydrogen Tractor in the Netherlands

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New Holland Hydrogen Tractor 2

On October 2nd Jos Scholman and New Holland unveiled and launched the first hydrogen tractors in the Netherlands

New Holland Hydrogen Tractor 1The tractor developed by New Holland along with Blue Fuel Solutions uses a combination of hydrogen and diesel, which results in a CO2 reduction of about fifty percent.

Jos Scholman has committed to reducing CO2 emissions and the purchase of four of these tractors will go a long way to meeting this goal.

To achieve this combination of hydrogen and diesel mix, the company added a mounting unit and storage area that contains five hydrogen tanks with a water capacity of 470 liters and has the ability to store 11.5 kg of hydrogen. 

Arjan Verweij of New Holland said, “The amount of hydrogen that is mixed in varies from 30 to about 60 percent. With a light load, this is relatively much, with a heavy load it decreases. This is deliberate in order to be able to use hydrogen throughout the day. ”

The retrofit cost of this duel fuel tractor came in at almost 70,000 euros per tractor, a steep price to pay but Jos Scholman believes they will be able to recoup this amount from CO2 reduction bonuses from the government.





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