The Green Hydrogen Bicycle, a Solution for the Future to Promote Energy Transition

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Less well known than the electrically assisted bicycle, the renewable hydrogen bicycle nevertheless represents an interesting alternative for getting around while limiting its impact on the environment.

With a range of around 100 km and a good lifespan, it could be a complementary solution to promote energy transition and achieve carbon neutrality.

In the field of green mobility, hydrogen has a bright future ahead of it. In its recovery plan of September 3, the French government announced that no less than 7 billion euros would be allocated for the development of the hydrogen sector over the next ten years. And for good reason: this fuel has undeniable advantages for driving electric vehicles.

Green hydrogen, a complementary response to renewable energies
Firstly, because vehicles powered by hydrogen benefit from better autonomy: a kilo of hydrogen is capable of releasing three times more energy than a kilo of gasoline. Their lifespan is also longer than that of conventional electric batteries. The hydrogen version can last more than 10 years, compared to 2 to 4 years for a Lithium-ion battery.

The operation of a hydrogen bicycle is simple: a hydrogen tank is connected to a fuel cell. This causes an oxidation-reduction reaction, which will produce electricity. The green hydrogen bike produces no pollution or toxic effects, since the only waste produced is water.

An asset for the responsible city of tomorrow
To promote these alternative modes of travel and imagine the transport of tomorrow, several communities are interested and intend to make renewable hydrogen bicycles available to users. One way to publicize this new type of transport, less famous than the boats, trains, cars, buses and trams which have already adopted this type of fuel.

This innovation is in line with our desire, at ENGIE Solutions, to create solutions to support cities and regions towards carbon neutrality . With this in mind, in 2017 we created the High’5 Graduate Program , to find committed young talents and offer them a career accelerator. For 3 years, through 3 missions in France and abroad and training periods in energy and digital transition, they will follow an accelerated professional path to improve their skills and eventually take key positions within the company. ‘company.

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