The Hydrogen Economy Starts Today
The Hydrogen Economy Starts Today
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, November 23, 2015

VOORSCHOTEN, The Netherlands -- H2Fuel makes it possible to use hydrogen to convert combustion engines to electric ones and to store electric energy on a large scale.


The revolutionary invention of H2Fuel makes hydrogen a clean, safe and economically viable substitute for fossil fuels and allows for the large-scale storage of electric energy.

H2Fuel is a technology capable of storing hydrogen under normal atmospheric circumstances in a liquid (carrier). Upon the release of the hydrogen from this carrier, the quantity of stored hydrogen is almost 100%, which leads to very high profitability. The carrier can be reused through the process of recycling.

Until the invention of H2Fuel, it was difficult to store and transport hydrogen, which could only take place under high pressure or with extreme cooling. Low profitability, danger of explosions and the lack of an economically acceptable distribution network meant that hydrogen in general could not be used effectively.

H2Fuel is the solution. It has an extremely high energy density and is safe in liquid, which makes it directly implementable in the existing distribution networks of liquid fossil fuels.

Hydrogen does not release harmful emissions, unlike fossil fuels that emit CO2 (carbon dioxide), NO (nitrogen oxide) and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), the main causes of global warming, climate change and air pollution.

Unlike oil and gas, hydrogen is available without limitation and can be produced worldwide. Electricity (by means of fuel cells) or heat (by means of catalysts) can be generated from hydrogen. Because of these advantages, hydrogen is the ideal substitute for fossil fuels.

H2Fuel also makes it possible to store electric energy on a large scale, as well as transport electric energy without a network. For instance, renewable energy can now be generated at locations with the highest profit and then transported worldwide.

H2Fuel makes it possible to convert combustion engines used in cars, ships and planes into electric ones by using hydrogen, which does not produce harmful emissions. Heat can be generated on an industrial or household scale, again without any harmful emissions.

H2Fuel is building the bridge to the hydrogen economy, which will bring about positive ecological and commercial consequences. One of these is that global warming as a result of CO2 emissions can now be stopped. With H2Fuel, the hydrogen economy starts today.

The leading Dutch research organization TNO has conducted laboratory studies on the proof of principle of the efficacy of H2Fuel to convert sodium borohydride into hydrogen gas under atmospheric conditions. This study found that the formulation of H2Fuel works on a laboratory scale, as published on the website.

Further development and optimizing as well as up-scaling to an industrial and commercial level will take place in cooperation with prospective investors.

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