The Hydrogen Global Charter is Launched

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Hydrogen Global Charter Launched

The World Energy Council has launched the Hydrogen Global Charter today. The initiative aims at collecting global demand and enabling policies and investments.

The Charter is about collecting the commitments to consume, enable, and invest in blue and green hydrogen to create a decarbonised economy with a diverse fuel mix intended to be cost effective, reliable and sustainable for all. The goal of the Hydrogen Global Charter is to show the market that collectively, the sum of the demand for low carbon hydrogen is significant –  hydrogen is not going through another hype cycle; it can be a cost-effective carrier of energy and provide a long-term solution for storage of renewable power.

Any company, government or organization working to enable and consume low carbon hydrogen can sign onto the Charter.

There are no financial commitments or other implications apart from a participant’s own chosen objective. Participants set their own target, e.g. consume X tonne/increase X% blue and/or green hydrogen per year towards 2030. Signing the Hydrogen Global Charter is voluntary and non-binding.

The Council will gather and facilitate demand and will also be the champion of a participant’s progress, while championing hydrogen as a complement to electrification, as we all work to achieve decarbonising the economy.

Hydrogen was among the hot topics of the 24th World Energy Congress, held in Abu Dhabi this September. Of the 70+ sessions, very few sessions concluded without speakers referencing the energy carrier’s role in building a low carbon future.

According to the World Energy Scenarios 2019 report, hydrogen at best reaches an annual production of 10.5EJ – which equates to around 2.3% of final energy by 2040. These numbers emerge in the Unfinished Symphony scenario, highlighting the importance of government cooperation and policy support in enabling and scaling green hydrogen pathways. Nevertheless, recent momentum may suggest that the movement may be bigger.

Dr. Angela Wilkinson, Secretary-General of the World Energy Council: “Global demand for energy is rising and there is no quick fix or silver bullet solution to challenges of energy security, equity and affordability and environmental sustainability. New hydrogen pathways can help achieve bolder ambitions for better lives and a healthy planet. Blue and green hydrogen can reach parts of the global energy system that cannot be electrified.”

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