The Italian Good Energy Award 2016: SOLIDpower receives an accolade
The Italian Good Energy Award 2016: SOLIDpower receives an accolade
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 04, 2016

Milan--Among the morning festivities at the opening of the 16th Italian Energy Summit yesterday in Milan was the presentation of this year's Good Energy Award 2016.

This award was set up to distinguish those Italian companies who expressly commit to investing in environmental awareness and sustainability.

This time a total of 40 companies and institutions, from the areas of industry, services, public administration and start-ups, were in the running. SOLIDpower, a company in northern Italy that develops innovative solutions for the highest energy efficiency, reached the finals in the category “Industry”.It was consequently distinguished as one of the best three in this sector. Energy efficiency and responsibility for the environment – SOLIDpower strengthens European commitment with fuel cell technology "The technology of simultaneously generating heat and power belongs the future. It also goes hand in hand with the objective of promoting the greatest sustainability," said Alberto Ravagni, CEO of SOLIDpower, located in Mezzolombardo, Trentino, in Italy. His company is part of a group that is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and distribution of stationary fuel cell technology – with locations in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. He was delighted to receive this award, as its significance extends far beyond the borders of Italy. Mr Ravagni, whose company has been in this field for almost ten years, stressed the significance of fuel cells here, as an innovative technology that is now ready for the market – with a clear and reliable potential for growth. It would create the future energy supply for Italy, Europe and beyond – an interesting perspective. "Our commitment also clearly focuses on the creation of new jobs. We are ready for a market that is characterised by responsible energy supply with the greatest efficiency", said the Italian manager.

SOLIDpower employs a total of 130 people at its locations in Europe and Australia. "The award granted to our Italian colleagues is an enormous motivation for us at the German manufacturing location", said Guido Gummert, Managing Director of SOLIDpower GmbH. He sees the advantage of bringing fuel cell technology – which is in a constant state of further development – quickly and competitively to the market.

The company he manages produces the BlueGEN, which has already been successfully been introduced to the market. This fuel cell unit is designed to supply energy for larger single-family homes as well as commercial enterprises.

The BlueGEN is a heating and energy supply appliance that can be attached to virtually every existing heating system. It currently has the highest electrical efficiency worldwide of up to 60 per cent and a combined total efficiency of up to 85 per cent.