The Jackson Group Has Launched a New Venture Focusing on Green Hydrogen and Energy Storage

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Fuel Cells Works, The Jackson Group Has Launched a New Venture Focusing on Green Hydrogen and Energy Storage

Highlights :

  • The launch of Jakson Green con몭rms the massive shift underway in legacy energy players in India.
  • the EV transition is not only seen as irreversible, despite temporary setbacks, but for energy 몭rms, being left out is no longer an option.

Jakson Group, one of India’s leading energy and infrastructure company, has today announced its new venture Jakson Green Pvt Limited (JGPL). Jakson Green Pvt Limited will focus on Green Hydrogen & Ammonia, Waste to Energy, Electrolysers and Fuel cells, Utility- scale Battery Energy Storage Systems(BESS), Solar and related Operation & Maintenance services across all these lines of business. This new venture is a testimony to the Company’s increasing footprint and focus on sustainable growth in the renewable energy sector. For a brand that is indelibly linked to it’s presence in the captive power generation segment, particularly its ubiquitous diesel gensets, Jakson’s renewed focus into what many consider the future of energy is a strong signal of the winds blowing across the sector.

Jakson Green launches with a strong top tier in the form of Bikesh Ogra as the Chief Executive  O몭cer and Managing Director. Bikesh has over 26 years of experience in the energy sector. In his last assignment he was Global CEO of Sterling & Wilson Solar Ltd. Bikesh will also be supported by Kannan Krishnan  as  Chief  Operating  O몭cer  of  the company.

One of the 몭rst steps for the 몭rm, is  an agreement that the Jakson Group has signed an agreement with a leading US-based fuel cell manufacturer for pursuing Hydrogen projects in India.

Commenting on these developments, Jakson Group’s Chairman, Sameer Gupta, said “We at Jakson Group feel delighted and excited about this new venture and are con몭dent

that it will scale great heights under its able leadership. This re몭ects Jakson Green’s commitment to sustainability and we are happy to be part of the vision of our Hon’ble Prime Minister to make India carbon neutral by 2070.”

With these new developments, Jakson Group has taken another key step towards energising its growth in the new era of rapid energy transition.

Since it’s beginnings in 1947, The Jakson Group has diversi몭ed from a Diesel Generator Manufacturing Organisation into an Energy Solutions Company, providing expertise in the 몭elds of Distributed Energy, Solar Power, Battery Energy Storage System & Solar and Electrical EPC. The Company has an extensive presence throughout India with 4  manufacturing  facilities,  30+ Sales O몭ces and a wide network of channel partners and dealers making it one of the top energy 몭rms in India.


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